Why PDP’s Disaster Is Worrisome – Ologbondiyan

Why PDP’s Disaster Is Worrisome – Ologbondiyan

Peoples Democratic Celebration chieftain, Kola Ologbondiyan, has said the fight for the soul of the celebration has turn out to be so worrisome, noticeing issues which according to him, have to defend out with principles. Ologbodiyan, the earlier national spokesperson of the celebration, argued that the complications in the celebration transcend the issues of who emerges because the chief of the celebration and people that have to defend out with the supremacy divide of who is to be regarded as the recognised chief between the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike and the presidential candidate of the celebration in the 2023 election and former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar.…Learn The Paunchy Story Here ▶

Ologbondiyan spoke on the heels of the PDP NEC meeting scheduled for Thursday amid the command materialions in the celebration, to boot to the caucus meeting of Tuesday and a meeting of the Board of Trustees slated for Wednesday in moves to salvage the soul of the celebration.

I can also poke extra to negate that it is troubling what can turn out to be of the celebration”, Ologbondiyan said, mentioning that the destiny of the celebration to determine the acceptance of whether it is ‘needless as dodo’ or no longer, would be dependant on the of the Thursday NEC meeting.

Notifying in an interview on Tuesday during Arise TV Morning Display conceal, Ologbondiyan said there changed into as soon as a divide in principle between those that believe the celebration may well per chance moreover fair composed rise as a possessidable opposition and fight to come to vitality and those that believe it may well per chance moreover fair composed sit assist and glance the ruling authorities as fundamental as it serves their interest.

I think the situation the manner I perceive it is about principles. I think the celebration is divided between those that believe that PDP as an opposition political celebration may well per chance moreover fair composed stand and uphold those possibilities that may well guarantee a test on the authorities and likewise possibly a return to the authorities in the lengthy whisk.

“And I think the artificial line of principle is for those that believe there is a authorities in vitality and on story of there is a authorities in vitality, the opposition is no longer critical; we sit assist and glance or possibly sit amongst those that are in authorities for with out reference to interest and as such allow the authorities to function; don’t criticize with out reference to how composeive your intention is, but valid allow the authorities to function. These are the two major principles that are running the celebration right this moment right this moment.

“On the opposite hand, in any situation like this in any political celebration, there are people who need to rob advantage. I’m no longer exempting that situation.”

Ologbondiyan who said it would be childish to slash assist the Thursday NEC meeting to leadership complications, mentioned that the issue of whether it is Wike or Atiku who would be named the chief “pan into irrelevance”.

According to him, the important issue of determination is clear-slash how one can defend and put the “celebration collectively in a manner that it can function to the ideals of its founders.”

“There are those that I know who are die-tense Atiku supporters, who are standing on the need for Damagum (the acting Chairman of the PDP) to continue and there are those that I know who are die-tense Wike supporters, who are biding that on the basis of validice, on the basis of fairness, on the basis of even the fight that the honourable Minister, Nyesom Wike took-on in respect of zoning, they need Damagum (acting chairman of the PDP) to revert to his position because the deputy national chairman and allow the North-Central to manufacture a chairman that will entire the tenure of Ayu.”

On the elimination of Senator Iyorcha Ayu, Ologbondiyan argued that the earlier national chairman changed into as soon as sacked by the court, maintaining that “as we’re narrateing now, no one can manufacture a restraining grunt that Ayu secured from the court that stopped the celebration from allowing the North-Central to entire its term.”

According to him, the issues informing the BoT, Caucus and NEC meeting are whether to permit Damagum to remain as chairman or whether the North-Central be allowed to manufacture a successor to entire the remaining term of Ayu.

“As it’s in all probability you’ll per chance well even see, why the situation is becoming worrisome is that folks are now stepping into the process. For instance, stakeholders from the North-Central occupy already met the old day in Abuja and endorsed former Governor Suswan as a successor.

“Tomorrow the North-Central caucus of the celebration is pokeing to fulfill. I’m hearing they are meeting to rob a decision on the manner forward. The issues are very worrisome and I valid pray that the celebration will be ready to manage itself thru at this moment.

“Everybody is conscious of who the chief is, I elevate out no longer think the issue of Thursday’s meeting is about who will be the chief, no. The meeting from what I’m picking from amongst leaders and people is, will Damagum remain in office or will he changed? There are those which occupy come up with the argument that a vacancy doesn’t exist in the office of the chairmanship.

He added that a part of the issue in contest is that the North-Central is demanding bringing forward a replacement for Ayu which may be the substantive Chairman “for the reason that constitution provides that where the chairman ceases to exist either by resignation, death and the entire conditions put forward by the constitution, that the deputy national chairman from that zone, that is from the North/South dichotomy, may be the one to stand in office pending the time when a substantive Chairman is introduced forward. ”

“So the huntion now is we need to bring forward a replacement which would be substantive Chairman. I think that’s the foremost issue the celebration must contend with on Thursday,” he said.

On the huntion of why the Celebration has failed to issue disciplinary action against Wike despite clearly working for the opposition in the final presidential election, Ologbondiyan said if the leadership refuses to rob such actions, the entire celebration can no longer be held to ransom for their silence.

He said “The purview is within the contemporary Working Committee to negate we consider your action this blueprint or that blueprint, we need you to provide explanation, or the celebration has a standing disciplinary committee where matters of this nature are customarily referred.

“But if the celebration and when I’m narrateing relating to the celebration, I’m narrateing relating to the leadership, is no longer taking actions, it’s in all probability you’ll per chance’t defend the celebration responsible. As a result of the constitution also says that even this NEC meeting that we need to defend it up Thursday, it is the national chairman that will demand it; where he fails, there is a process in the constitution requiring a proportion of the people of NEC to sign a position and earn in contact with for NEC.”

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