What Is a Podcast? How Podcasts Work and The staunch contrivance to Salvage Began

What Is a Podcast? How Podcasts Work and The staunch contrivance to Salvage Began

New to the area of podcasting? It is possible you’ll maybe presumably be questioning, effectively, what is a podcast? And how function they work? Listed right here I’ll hide what a podcast is, what they’re outdated college for, and be taught the contrivance to commence as a podcast listener or creator.

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What Is a Podcast and How Quit They Work?

A podcast is a digital audio “indicate” or program that it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably download or journey from the web on your smartphone, computer, or tablet and listen when it’s convenient for you.

A podcast “episode” is a single instance of a podcast, very like the episode of a TV indicate.

Right here’s an instance—an episode of our very be pleased SPI Podcast, which has been working since 2010:

For exquisite, easy-to-embed podcast gamers like the above, study no extra than Fusebox — the decent podcast player of SPI! [Note: I am a compensated affiliate for Fusebox.]

Podcasts are a very current originate of media that’s growing speedy. The first podcasts have been produced by people, however now they’re also made by companies, information outlets, and other organizations. Podcasting has turn out to be mammoth industrial, with companies like Apple, Spotify, iHeartMedia, SiriusXM heavily invested in podcasting.

For the listener, podcasts are a versatile medium! The audio-only format of podcasts makes them easy to use in lots of settings, corresponding to while commuting, cooking, traveling, or working.

Which you can also assume podcasts as “background” say material, however it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably also additionally give them your fleshy consideration whilst you happen to like.

Talking of say material, podcast topics can hide an immense fluctuate, from prison crime to industrial strategies to parenting tricks to comedy or kids’ say material. If you happen to may perhaps maybe maybe have a topic in tips, there’s potentially a podcast accessible for it! And if there isn’t, that can also mean a likelihood for you to commence your be pleased podcast on that topic! 

woman sitting at desk by computer in white lab coat paying consideration to headphones while reading from a e book and writing notes
Podcasts are a versatile medium that can maybe also be consumed and enjoyed while engaged with other actions, like working, walking, or traveling.

Podcasts are continuously available either in seasons with a house need of episodes or in an ongoing series. Our podcast Flops came out with an eight-episode season in 2021, while other SPI Media presentations like AskPat 2.0 and The Community Trip have been released weekly (till being sunsetted closing yr). The Tremendous Passive Income Podcast is peaceable released per week on an ongoing foundation.

In a position to be taught podcasting the trim manner?

The All-Salvage entry to Pass has the resources you will need.

How Podcasts Began (a Brief History of Podcasting)

Podcasts have their roots wait on within the Eighties, however they didn’t rob off till the early 2000s. In September 2000, the firm i2Go launched a digital audio information and leisure provider called MyAudio2Go.com that allowed users to download information, sports, leisure, weather, and music in episodic audio format. The following month, tech entrepreneur Tristan Louis proposed attaching sound and video recordsdata in RSS feeds (survey beneath). This notion constructed steam over the following couple of years, and in 2004 the term “podcasting” emerged to narrate this new manner of distributing audio say material. In 2005, Apple added a podcast subscription characteristic to iTunes 4.9 and launched a podcast directory within the iTunes Song Retailer.

Since then, the sky has been the restrict for podcasting, with somewhere between 3 and 5 million podcasts on the earth neatly suited now!

What Are Podcasts Mature For?

So what’s the level or cause of a podcast? What are they prison for? A complete bunch!

For the listener, a podcast is a large manner to be taught about a given topic—and/or be entertained!—in a contrivance that’s convenient to them. Podcasts are free (for the most share) and simple to search out, and given their growing recognition, hide an spectacular wider and deeper fluctuate of topics than ever ahead of.

For the podcaster, the uses and advantages of a podcast may perhaps maybe also be immense. Podcasts are a huge manner to invent and support an viewers by spirited and/or teaching listeners on a given topic.

Surely one of the vital vital notable advantages of a podcast for the podcaster is that you ranking to discuss without lengthen to folks, the use of your convey. Your podcast episode shall be heard by thousands or even millions of oldsters, however for every listener, it’s staunch you and them.

It’s been acknowledged that podcasting is the biggest manner to scale intimacy and invent an instantaneous connection with every of your listeners.

What Is a Podcast Host and Why Quit You Want One? (How a RSS Feed Works)

Podcasts are made available to listeners by the utilization of a Essentially Straightforward Syndication (RSS) feed.

An RSS feed enables say material creators to submit notifications of contemporary say material corresponding to weblog posts or, in spite of all the pieces, podcasts.

Right here’s how that works. The podcast creator submits their podcast’s RSS feed to a directory, which makes it available to listeners by the utilization of a podcast app or the creator’s web station.

A podcast listener can receive new installments or episodes of a podcast robotically by subscribing to the podcast’s RSS feed in their chosen podcast app. 

Nonetheless how function you manufacture your podcast’s RSS feed? 

That’s the place a podcast web hosting platform (or podcast host for transient) comes in.

A podcast host is a provider that affords a spot to store and distribute your podcast’s audio recordsdata by the utilization of an RSS feed. The podcast host robotically generates the RSS feed for your podcast, and then submits it to podcast directories, corresponding to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and others.

three RSS icons in a row, the principle one shaded, 2d one orange, and third one shaded
Essentially Straightforward Syndication, or RSS, is the format outdated college to put collectively the tips for all of your podcast episodes into a single feed that can maybe also be be taught by podcast gamers.

It is possible you’ll maybe presumably be thinking, Quit I really want to use a podcast host? Can I host my podcast on my web station? The short acknowledge is certain—however hear me out.

There are lots of advantages to the use of a podcast host somewhat than DIYing it. A podcast host can:

  • Present storage for your podcast episode recordsdata, and allow them to be downloaded by listeners.
  • Automate the introduction and syndication of your RSS feed to podcast directories.
  • Offer constructed-in analytics, so that it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably survey how your indicate is growing and which episodes are the most popular.

Yes, it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably technically host your podcast’s RSS feed on your be pleased web station. And certain, most podcast hosts fee cash, with those prices on the total growing as your indicate grows.

Nonetheless for many creators, web hosting your podcast on your be pleased web station is manner more ache than it’s value. 

Which you can assign a pair of dollars, however in our understanding, the shortage of analytics on my own makes web hosting your podcast on your web station a unpleasant need.

Thankfully, it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably even have lots of alternatives to resolve between by manner of podcast hosts. Our advised platform is Fusebox, because of its ease of use and purposeful parts. [Note: I am a compensated affiliate for Fusebox.]

Numerous current web hosting platforms encompass Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Podbean, Anchor, and Blubrry.

It’s rather easy to work with a podcast host. You house up an fable on their web station, the place it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably enter the notable capabilities of your podcast, add episodes, and discover alternatives for monetizing your indicate. Some platforms payment a month-to-month rate (variable looking on how powerful say material you submit), while others are free.

Final however no longer least, which you might be thinking, Isn’t a podcast host also an particular particular person? Yes! A podcast host can also additionally confer with the actual particular person that is the face and convey of a podcast. (As an example, Pat is the host of the SPI Podcast.) Elated we cleared that up. 😉

Forms of Podcasts and Podcast Examples

As a medium for spirited and sharing information, podcasts can rob many lots of kinds! Right here are about a of the most traditional podcast codecs, alongside with examples.

  • Interview: A number invitations one or more company to discuss a given topic. This indicate format requires study and outreach to search out company for every episode. (The Tremendous Passive Income Podcast, Armchair Expert, New Air)
  • Solo Talking/Storytelling: As the title suggests, a single host “runs the indicate.” The time that can maybe be spent on customer study and outreach for an interview indicate is as a alternative directed toward study and preparation of the indicate’s say material. (Hardcore History, Revolutions)
  • Cohosted: A indicate with two or more hosts who can present lots of personalities and perspectives and usually comic banter.  (Stuff You Have to peaceable Know, My Popular Abolish, Flops, The Community Trip)
  • Roundtable: An expanded model of a co-hosted podcast with more hosts who have interaction in conversations and banter around a given topic. (SmartLess, Pod Build The usa)
  • Documentary: Associated to a TV documentary, this podcast format usually has a narrator, and can encompass interview segments, sound outcomes/music, and even scripted scenes. (Serial, Startup Podcast)

Gift that many podcasts are a hybrid, incorporating parts of lots of codecs. As an example, the New York Times’ The On a standard foundation is a cohosted podcast that comprises interviews.

Who Makes Podcasts?

Podcasts may perhaps maybe also be created by staunch about someone, from an particular particular person to a limited crew to a huge firm!

What Is a Podcast Producer?

By manner of podcasts, a producer is somebody who works within the wait on of the scenes to make certain the indicate is as prison as it would also be. They usually assign on lots of hats, and their responsibilities can also encompass finding company, organizing the episode agenda, overseeing the recording and bettering processes, selling the indicate, and more.

The staunch contrivance to Hearken to a Podcast

How easy is it to take observe to a podcast? Gorgeous darn easy! Right here’s what you’ll need:

  • A smartphone, computer, or tablet with an web connection.
  • A podcast app

You’ll need an web-linked instrument, corresponding to a smartphone, computer, or tablet to ranking entry to podcasts. On account of you’re already reading this submit, I’m guessing you’ve got this one lined. 😉

Whether or no longer you’re browsing for a explicit podcast or are seeking to gaze for a brand new one, a podcast app will attain in at hand. Right here are about a of the most popular ones:

Each of those apps may perhaps maybe also be downloaded to your instrument or accessed by the utilization of the on-line.

So which one can also peaceable you pick out? To be prison, there’s no longer a ton of disagreement between them, especially whilst you happen to’re staunch getting started as a podcast listener.

If you happen to’re a Mac/iOS user, then Apple Podcasts is your trudge-to, and whilst you happen to exercise an Android mobile phone, then the Google Play Song app is the best possibility.

finger hovering over an iphone hide neatly suited above the apple podcasts app icon
Apple Podcasts is the most popular podcast app for iOS and Mac users. Admire many other podcast apps, it enables listeners to search out, listen, and subscribe to podcasts in a limiteless directory of presentations.

Each app also affords a podcast directory that it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably search to search out new presentations. Many of those apps may perhaps maybe maybe present personalized ideas essentially based totally on the presentations you take observe to on the app.

If you happen to study yourself becoming an avid listener of a huge fluctuate of podcasts, it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably get hang of have the good thing about the use of an app like Pocket Casts, which is designed to filter and organize a huge fluctuate of podcast subscriptions. Nonetheless for 99 p.c of listeners, most apps will function staunch dazzling.

While you’ve realized the podcast you will need to want to take observe to on your podcast app, it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably either journey it or download it to your instrument to listen later. Your podcast app can also peaceable also allow you to to “subscribe” to a indicate so that you’ll be alerted when new episodes are released.

Some podcast creators also invent their podcast episodes available without lengthen on their web station by the utilization of a web-essentially based mostly podcast player like Fusebox.

Right here’s an instance of be taught the contrivance to use an embedded web player like Fusebox to play a podcast episode neatly suited on a webpage:

The staunch contrivance to Open a Podcast

If you happen to’re in be taught the contrivance to commence a podcast, you’re within the categorical place! At SPI, we have a ton of resources for first-time podcasters (and more evolved podcasters too, however let’s no longer ranking ahead of ourselves…).

In uncover to commence a podcast, you will need about a key formulation:

That’s no longer all, although, and whilst you happen to desire to have the fleshy scoop, study out our “The staunch contrivance to Open a Podcast STEP-BY-STEP” manual.

It involves the lowdown on issues like:

  • Selecting a podcast topic it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably commit to
  • Writing a compelling podcast description
  • Picking a podcast web hosting provider
  • Recording your episodes
  • And powerful more

The “The staunch contrivance to Open a Podcast STEP-BY-STEP” manual makes starting your podcast easy and doable in hiss that it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably invent your viewers—and even commence and scale a industrial with the support of your new indicate.

It is possible you’ll maybe presumably study out our video manual to starting your podcast!

What Is a Podcast FAQ

Right here are some usually requested questions about podcasts, and our answers!

Why Are Podcasts Called Podcasts?

The observe “podcast” is a portmanteau (combined observe) of “iPod,” Apple’s long-established portable music player, and “broadcast.” Some folks have also advised “portable on study” as a “backronym” for the observe “podcast.”

Podcasts vs. Radio: What’s the Distinction?

Are podcasts the identical as radio presentations? Whereas podcasts and radio portion lots of similarities, since they’re every audio codecs, podcasts are more versatile in lots of strategies. Which you can also assume podcasts as the following “evolution” of the radio indicate.

Right here are about a of the most vital differences between podcasts and radio:

  • Podcasts are on the total edited, while radio is always are residing.
  • Podcasts may perhaps maybe also be streamed or downloaded on study, while radio presentations usually must be listened to are residing. Radio stations are increasingly making their previously aired presentations available on-line, however most radio say material wants to be accessed when it goes are residing.
  • Most radio say material is aimed at a huge viewers, while podcast say material may perhaps maybe also be extraordinarily niche.
  • Most radio presentations must be pleased a explicit time block, whereas podcast episodes may perhaps maybe also be any measurement.
  • Radio presentations usually have larger manufacturing prices, so they be pleased commercials to support offset these prices. Whereas podcast selling is a growing industrial, many podcasts don’t encompass adverts for the explanation that fee barrier to entry for podcasting is so powerful lower than for radio.

Are Podcasts Free?

Surely one of the vital biggest issues about podcasts is that they’re on the total free to download and take observe to. Yes, you’ll need a instrument to take observe to them and an web connection to download them, however the say material itself is always freed from payment.

In contemporary years, some podcasters have begun creating extra paid say material for their subscribers. These paid podcasts are changing into increasingly current, although free podcasts are peaceable lots more long-established.

What Is a Podcast Network?

A podcast network is a series of podcasts beneath the umbrella of a single firm, which produces, distributes, and/or makes those podcasts available to advertisers. Podcast networks can present publicity and earnings for podcast homeowners and are a huge possibility to support in tips once your podcast has grown quite.

Some podcast networks are centered on a single theme, while others settle for podcasts across a spread of topics. The largest podcast networks encompass iHeartRadio, Wondery, PodcastOne, HubSpot Podcast Network, and Audacy.

What Is a Video Podcast?

Video podcasts are an increasingly current originate of podcasting. As the title suggests, they incorporate video and audio, allowing listeners to survey and listen to your say material. Including video to your podcast is always more work, however it absolutely can support hiss your indicate to an spectacular wider viewers thru platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

What Equipment Quit You Want to Open a Podcast?

As mentioned above in “The staunch contrivance to Open a Podcast,” a microphone is the biggest piece of apparatus you’ll must commence your be pleased indicate. On the choice hand, there are about a other pieces of tech to support in tips:

  • A desktop microphone stand
  • A development arm and shock mount to lower unwanted vibrations
  • A pop filter to lower plosives (harsh sounds from certain syllables) on your recordings
  • Instrument for recording and bettering, corresponding to GarageBand or Audacity
  • Sound dampening affords to lower room echo

Quit Podcasters Operate Money from Their Displays?

They definitely can, and lots of them function!

Essentially the most long-established manner podcasts invent cash is thru selling or sponsorships. It is possible you’ll maybe presumably use affiliate advertising and marketing and marketing to advertise merchandise on your indicate and keep a rate when somebody purchases them the use of your link.

Our Amp’d Up Podcasting course — available completely to our community people — is designed to support podcasters grow and better monetize their presentations while also reducing manufacturing time.

Are You In a position to Open Your Podcasting Hurry?

I’m hoping this primer on podcasts became once purposeful! Per chance you’re impressed to trudge get hang of a brand new indicate to subscribe to, or even turn out to be a podcaster yourself!

Earlier than you bounce, nonetheless, it’s notable to weigh the professionals and cons of podcasting.

Mavens and Cons of Starting a Podcast

The advantages of having a podcast may perhaps maybe also be lots of. A podcast can allow you to:

  • Develop your label or industrial
  • Meet new folks
  • Construct new profits streams
  • Lengthen your viewers

On the identical time, podcasting will no longer be for everyone. It takes time, energy, dedication, and resources to commence and preserve a podcast. To attain success, it be notable to originate a high-quality indicate and submit it usually.

Extra Belongings for the Aspiring Podcaster (or staunch the Pod-Outlandish)

If the premise of beginning a podcast is peaceable thrilling to you, huge! We’ve got lots of purposeful resources whilst you happen to’re ready to support finding out about podcasts and what they may be able to function to permit you to grow your endeavor and fasten collectively with your viewers.

If you happen to’re in starting your be pleased podcast, our The staunch contrivance to Open a Podcast Recordsdata affords you ultimate next steps.

Nonetheless whilst you happen to’re ready to commence your podcast within the most streamlined manner that it’s possible you’ll maybe presumably assume, our Vitality-Up Podcasting® 2.0 course is for you. It’s a step-by-step manual to launching a profitable podcast that gets realized and grows your on-line label. Which you can also rob the course as share of our All-Salvage entry to Pass — membership gets you all our classes and the strengthen of a captivating finding out community to manual and motivate you in direction of podcasting success.

It is possible you’ll maybe presumably discover The Tremendous Passive Income Podcast and browse more about podcasting on the weblog.

In a position to be taught podcasting the trim manner?

The All-Salvage entry to Pass community has the classes, resources, strengthen, and accountability you will need.

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