SMEIC Proposes to Plot Shanghai High: A Catalyst for Increasing a Modern Twin-Wheel Driver Sample

SMEIC Proposes to Plot Shanghai High: A Catalyst for Increasing a Modern Twin-Wheel Driver Sample

SMEIC Proposes to Plot Shanghai High: A Catalyst for Increasing a Modern Twin-Wheel Driver Sample

Upon completion of the transaction, Shanghai High will change correct into a unconditionally-owned subsidiary of SMEIC.

HONG KONG, Might perhaps perhaps 14, 2024 – (ACN Newswire) – On 13 Might perhaps perhaps 2024, Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Change Co., Ltd. (“SMEIC” or the “Company”, SSE: 600835) launched a proposal to bring together Shanghai High Mingyu Machinery Know-how Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai High”). This transfer objectives to reinforce SMEIC’s sustainable style ability and earn bigger shareholder returns. The acquisition contains the 100% equity interests held by Shanghai Electrical Team Company Tiny (“Shanghai Electrical”), Shanghai Electrical Hong Kong Co., Ltd. (“SEHK”), and Shanghai Electrical Team Hongkong Company Tiny (“SEG HK”) in Shanghai High. The appraised label of those equity interests is RMB5,318 million. Upon completion of the transaction, Shanghai High will change correct into a unconditionally-owned subsidiary of SMEIC.

Shanghai High, a huge-scale industrial community specialising within the bring together of industrial general aspects and key parts and connected products and services, is a subsidiary of Shanghai Electrical, an tools manufacturing community, which integrates more than one advantages such as R&D, manufacturing and change, and is devoted to provision of mechanical parts and aspects and overall solutions for varied industrial markets and areas, boasting industry segments such as bearings, fasteners, blades and metal cutting tools. Shanghai High subdivides its industry segments into varied sub-segments and cultivates them strenuously, and its necessary subsidiaries/branches at dwelling salvage been recognised as “expert, subtle, featured and modern” enterprises at national, provincial and municipal stages, while its blade and industrial fastener segments salvage been awarded the title of “Championship in Single’s in Nationwide Manufacturing Change” for consecutive instances. Thru years of style, Shanghai High’s industry footprint has expanded to over 10 countries, with its products being exported to more than 70 countries and regions across the realm, and it has gathered a rich and high-quality customer putrid in energy, industrial application and repair, car, aerospace, rail transit, railway and diverse industries.

With the accelerating reshaping of the global industrial chain, adhering to innovation-pushed style and consolidating the honest and controllable ability of the foremost and core technologies of industrial chain has change into an increasing number of important for the security and balance of manufacturing industry. Moreover, the like a flash style of the digital economic system and the promotion of the “twin-carbon” goal salvage furthermore introduced forward unique requirement for the arrive of China’s manufacturing industry. In opposition to such backdrop, the worn manufacturing industry is accelerating its transformation in direction of being honest, high-terminate, shiny and inexperienced, and unique style opportunities salvage been created. SMEIC’s acquisition of Shanghai High will severely strengthen SMEIC’s overall industry scale and core competitiveness in industrial general aspects industry, enabling it to actively take the opportunities for transformation and style within the manufacturing industry.

This transaction will boost the strategic upgrade of SMEIC, define the positioning of the Company as a “expert, subtle, featured and modern” industrial platform, extra develop its industrial general aspects, key parts and aspects, sub-machine and mechatronics products, kind a diversified product portfolio, and affords corpulent play to the attribute of SMEIC as a listed company capital platform besides to the advantageous plan of Shanghai High within the field of industrial general aspects and key parts and aspects, to encourage the Company to like a flash realise the product extension for its “expert, subtle, featured and modern” companies along the unique industrial chain, make stronger the industrial general aspects industry portfolio, push the “expert, subtle, featured and modern” industrial segment of the Company’s industrial general aspects industry to plan in direction of being high-terminate, serialised and integrated, and tempo up the upgrade of the home industrial general aspects industry, serving the manufacturing energy process of our nation.

Along with, this transaction will encourage SMEIC to progressively amplify its industry scope from rob industry with trusty style to general aspects aerospace, unique energy automobile, robotics, clinical tools and diverse industries with more promising growth possibilities. After the handy resource integration, SMEIC will try to attain the “three unique” style, particularly unique know-how, unique products and unique markets, via continuous technological innovation, the extension of upstream “expert, subtle, featured and modern” industry line, and the arrive of home strategic application and in a international nation “unique” markets of the Belt and Road Initiatives, serving to SMEIC to kind the “second growth curve” in accordance to the “expert, subtle, featured and modern” with the synergy via the diversification of the products and markets while sustaining the wholesome and standard style of the necessary industry, forming a unique style pattern that contains twin-wheel driver.

Moreover, this transaction will furthermore be conducive to the adjustment and optimisation of the Company’s industrial structure. After the completion of this transaction, SMEIC will change into one amongst the realm’s largest entire industrial general aspects conglomerates by virtue of a comparatively noteworthy different of products offerings and a comparatively huge scale of operation, consistently bettering its assets quality and profitability, creating extra room for its future style as a listed company, extra bettering its label within the capital market and creating more returns to shareholders.

In accordance to the data, Shanghai High has sound necessary industry and working condition. In 2022 and 2023, the earnings of Shanghai High amounted to RMB8,980 million and RMB9,585 million, respectively, and its decide up earnings attributable to parent company amounted to RMB349 million and RMB237 million, respectively. As at 31 December 2023, the final assets of Shanghai High amounted to RMB11,263 million.

If Shanghai High is merged into SMEIC, the earnings per share of SMEIC for 2022 and 2023 will signify an earn bigger of 35.42% and 23.47% respectively over that sooner than the merger. Thru earnings sources, in 2022 and 2023, the proportion of earnings of SMEIC from its “expert, subtle, featured and modern” connected companies will severely earn bigger from 1.94% and 2.61% sooner than the merger to 29.00% and 31.87% after the merger, resulting in glaring optimisation of its industry structure.

SMEIC said that in due course, the Company will fully leverage the blending and synergy enact with Shanghai High, to attain seamless industry connection and consolidate its leading plan within the industry. Thru market style collaboration, it will point of curiosity on the usual downstream marketplace for the two aspects, via joint style, give a rob to the final performance of products, while amplify standard possibilities and products and services, forming a bundle of entire solutions, to reinforce customer stickiness and affords a rob to the worth of products and services. Thru scientific and technological innovation collaboration, it will toughen the learn on standard technologies and processes of the two aspects, to deepen the scientific and technological learn and style reserves, and strengthen the digital and shiny synergy. Thru handy resource allocation, it will actively promote the sharing of high-quality resources between the two aspects, and leverage the itemizing platform to come to a decision on out upstream and downstream strategic investment opportunities for capital operation, etc., to consistently strengthen the global competitiveness of the Company’s industrial general aspects industry.

About Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. (SMEIC)

Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. become once listed on the Shanghai Inventory Alternate in 1992 (A shares 600835, B shares 900925, customarily known as “Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical; SSE: 600835” and “Mechanical and Electrical B shares; SSE: 900925”). The core industry contains neat elevators, inexperienced air conditioners, high-effectivity motors, precision hydraulics, digital printing and diverse mechatronics, industrial automation, and shiny manufacturing product fields. It has cooperated with Mitsubishi Electrical, Carrier, Nabtesco, ABB, Johnson Controls, and Regobra Yite and diverse world-smartly-known enterprises salvage entered into joint ventures and cooperation to collectively build and operate their companies in China, forming label advantages and scale advantages. For more data, gape

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