Prepare to insist farewell to wide Citroens

Prepare to insist farewell to wide Citroens

Don’t interrogate an alternative to at the present time’s Citroen C5 X, with the French sign refocusing on smaller autos in quantity segments.

Citroen CEO Thierry Koskas informed Autocar the emblem “wants to be within the predominant segments”, referring specifically to the B and C segments (judge Toyota Yaris and Corolla) currently occupied by the C3 and C4, and no longer in “niche segments”.

He effectively dominated out an alternative to basically the most modern C5 X, which he said is “no longer performing badly however is in a section that’s non-existent”.

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It’s unclear when manufacturing of basically the most modern model will discontinue. It entered manufacturing in 2021, arriving right here in 2022.

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Mr Koskas also indicated there could be no recent-generation C1 to slot in between the Ami quadricycle and basically the most modern C3, as he said the manufacturing prices are the equivalent for a C1 as they’ll be for a C3 which could additionally be sold for a nearer ticket.

The CEO expects most of Citroen’s gross sales to be of electrical autos by 2030, however will keep combustion-powered and hybrid objects round attributable to “as a typical sign, we desire to supply sensible mobility to all”.

He also autos may per chance well fill “recent shapes that form no longer exist” and which take fabricate “dangers”, however will within the smash be easy to enjoy and power.

“We’re clear with what we’re, he said. “Reasonable autos, easy autos, cheerful autos. We’re no longer skills Christmas trees.”

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In due course, Citroen’s lineup shall be simplified.

“There’s no magic quantity, however 5 – 6 objects smartly positioned, actually appealing to customers…” he said, adding, “I’d be cheerful with that.”

It currently affords in Europe the Ami, C3, C3 Aircross, C4, C5 Aircross, C5 X, to boot to the Berlingo, Unnerved and Jumper vans and their of us mover counterparts.

Citroen’s lineup in Australia is grand more intellectual, consisting simplest of the C3, C4, C5 X and C5 Aircross.

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The Chinese-built C5 X is technically the second most productive-selling vehicle in its section in Australia… which consists simplest of two autos.

Citroen has sold 18 examples of the C5 X to this point this year in Australia, down 47.1 per cent on the equivalent duration remaining year. Skoda has sold more than five times as many Superbs.

The French sign has sold appropriate 129 examples of its flagship, which blurs the traces between hatchback, wagon and SUV, since its 2022 initiate.

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It’s then once more adding a scamper-in hybrid model, of which buyer deliveries will initiate within the fourth quarter of 2024. Alternatively, it’ll be a various uncover-simplest vehicle.

The C5 X entered manufacturing in China four years after European manufacturing of its predecessor had ended, and returned the French sign to a section of the market it had been absent from in every single effect however China.

There, Citroen had one other huge passenger vehicle within the C6 sedan, however this vehicle ended manufacturing in 2023.

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