Pear Martini

Pear Martini

Our pear martini is layered with easy substances to let the pear notes shine. It starts with pear vodka that’s shaken with tart, fresh lemon juice and no longer up to an ounce of easy syrup for factual a splash of sweetness. Cocktails are extra fun with a garnish. Use a fresh pear prick for this pear martini cocktail!

Components for Pear Martini

  • Pear vodka: Pear-infused vodka acts as a two-for-one ingredient in this pear vodka martini. Whereas you’ll want to dissipate your easy vodka at dwelling, shake it with quite of pear juice or pear nectar for the identical discontinue.
  • Lemon juice: Continuously consume fresh lemon juice when making cocktails. The pre-bottled stuff is harsh and nowhere shut to as fresh-tasting as factual-squeezed lemon juice.
  • Easy syrup: Manufacture easy syrup at dwelling or purchase a bottle of pre-made easy syrup.
  • Pear prick: Pear slices create a blinding garnish. If you prick the pears, squeeze fresh lemon juice on them so that they don’t turn brown.


Step 1: Dangle the spoiled

Accumulate a cocktail shaker half of plump with ice. Pour within the pear vodka, lemon juice and straightforward syrup.

Step 2: Shake it vigorously

Disguise the shaker with the lid and shake till condensation kinds on the originate air of the shaker, 10 to fifteen seconds.

Step 3: Strain and garnish

Pear martini garnished with pear slicesTMB Studio

Strain the cocktail true into a martini glass. If desired, garnish with pear slices.

Recipe Diversifications

  • Add elderflower liqueur: Pear and elderflower are a blinding type pairing. Elderflower has notes of pear alongside with a floral, fruity and fresh type.
  • Manufacture it less sweet: Prefer drier cocktails? Decrease the easy syrup to a 1/2-ounce as a substitute.
  • Intensify the pear type: Splash in quite of pear juice or pear nectar to listen to the pear type.

Retailer a Pear Martini

Pour the leftovers of your pear martini true into a Mason jar, or camouflage the martini glass with storage wrap. Leftover pear martini will also be kept within the fridge for up to three days. Give it a extraordinarily honest plug (or shake it in a cocktail shaker) sooner than enjoying again.

Can I have a pear martini sooner than time?

Yes, you are going to be in a location to have this pear martini recipe sooner than time. Measure and pour the substances true into a Mason jar (besides the pear garnish) and attend it within the fridge for up to three days. Whereas you’re willing to attend the pear martini cocktail, pour the drink true into a cocktail shaker that’s stuffed half of plump of ice. Shake till condensation kinds on the originate air of the shaker, and power true into a martini glass. Garnish with the pear prick if desired.

Two glasses of Pear martini garnished with pear slicesTMB Studio

What is the handiest pear vodka?

We recommend Grey Goose La Poire vodka for this pear martini recipe. Absolut Pears vodka is one other proper possibility, too. The handiest vodka manufacturers will on the final enjoy the handiest-flavored vodkas all over.

How must restful I attend a pear martini?

Wait on a pear martini in a martini glass. Whereas you admire a extraordinarily icy cocktail, take a seat again the glass within the freezer sooner than shaking up the cocktail.

Our pear vodka martini is supreme to drink while selecting at salty appetizers. Marinated almond-stuffed olives or these crispy and tacky blended olive crostini are very easy to whip up last minute. We additionally admire salty autumnal appetizers with this pear martini recipe, admire mushroom and leek strudel or apple-gouda pigs in a blanket.

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