NFT Market File: Sales Fall 42% In June 2024

NFT Market File: Sales Fall 42% In June 2024

There’s been a colossal tumble within the shopping and selling of NFTs again in June 2024. NFT sales occupy fallen contrivance down, by 42.04% compared with supreme month. 

Nonetheless, Bitcoin’s (BTC) mark has also been taking place not too long within the past, equivalent to what’s occurring with NFTs. Bitcoin reached its most practical mark ever ($73k) in March 2024, however it completely hasn’t been capable of hasten again up to that mark yet. Dazzling now, Bitcoin is shopping and selling around $56.5k, in line with CoinMarketCap.

This sigh will delve into these changes, analyze the tip-selling NFT collections, highlight the main blockchains by NFT sales volume, and provide insights into what the long term could maybe well maybe preserve for the NFT market.

Key Highlights in June 2024:

  1. The NFT market experienced a keen 42.04% decline in sales volume in June 2024, totaling $466 million, accompanied by decreases in investors, sellers, and NFT transactions.
  2. Despite the general market downturn, the $Pizza BRC-20 NFT series on the Bitcoin blockchain led in sales with a shopping and selling volume of $30.29 million, whereas other prime collections relish CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club seen varying ranges of success.
  3. Ethereum remained the dominant blockchain for NFT sales, reaching over $150 million in sales volume, however also witnessing a 38.36% decline compared with the earlier month.

NFT Market Overview (June 2024)

NFT Market Overview (June 2024)

According to CryptoSlam files, the realm NFT market size is $61.44 Billion. In June 2024, the NFT market seen a wide decline in exercise. Sales volume dropped sharply by 42.04% within the supreme 30 days, totaling $466,832,260. This decline is amazingly vital compared with the earlier months, reflecting a broader market pattern. 

Additionally, there used to be a itsy-bitsy decrease within the quantity of NFT investors by 4.04% and a more appreciable tumble in sellers by 12.18%. The amount of NFT transactions also fell dramatically by 43.73% within the past 30 days. 

On prime of that, many neatly-liked collections of NFTs occupy gotten more affordable. All these collections occupy misplaced bigger than 20% of their price. 

High Promoting Collections for June 2024

High Promoting Collections for June 2024

High Promoting Collections for June 2024. Source: CryptoSlam

Several NFT collections stood out in June 2024, no topic the general market downturn. Here are the tip NFT collections based mostly entirely entirely on sales volume:


The $Pizza NFT series, created on the Bitcoin blockchain the exercise of the BRC-20 protocol, has been the tip-selling NFT series this month. Over the last 30 days, the $Pizza BRC-20 NFT series has completed a shopping and selling volume of $30.29 million.

2. DMarket NFT Sequence

DMarket is an NFT series hosted on a Mythos Chain network. It’s a platform that contains digital in-sport items. This series has completed the suppose of the 2d most practical-selling NFT series this month. 

Over the supreme 30 days, DMarket NFTs occupy generated $18.2 million in shopping and selling sales volume. Nonetheless, it is price noting that this shopping and selling volume represents a 21.2% decrease compared with the earlier month.

3. CryptoPunks

CryptoPunks are one of many main NFT tasks, launched by Larva Labs in 2017. Consisting of 10,000 peculiar 24×24 pixel art work characters, they’ve became iconic within the NFT community. CryptoPunks are highly valued and occupy completed essential sales within the supreme 30 days with over $15 million in volume. The sales also plunged by 3% within the past month.

4. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is a neatly-liked NFT series created by Yuga Labs. It functions 10,000 peculiar cartoon ape avatars, each with decided traits and accessories. BAYC has gained wide attention and value within the NFT market, with many celebrities amongst its owners. 

Within the supreme 30 days, the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT series has reached $12.7 million in shopping and selling sales. Here’s a 9% boost compared with the earlier month.

5. Stout Penguins

Stout Penguins are a series of 8,888 peculiar cartoon penguins living on the Ethereum blockchain. Every penguin has moderately a couple of intellectual accessories and traits. Launched in July 2021, the series is diagnosed for its particular vibes and aims to empower its community thru peculiar occasions and experiences. 

In June 2024, the Stout Penguins NFT series has a whole traded volume of $11.4 million. All the contrivance thru this period, their sales volume has increased by 118% from the past month.

High Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume 

Over the supreme 30 days, several blockchains led the NFT market in phrases of sales volume. Here’s an wide check up on on the tip performers:

  1. Ethereum: Ethereum, diagnosed for its Ether cryptocurrency and dominance within the NFT market, has been the most traded blockchain network this month. It powers many prime-tier non-fungible token collections. It remains the dominant blockchain for NFT sales, with a whole sales volume of over $150 million. The total volume is down by 38.36% compared with supreme month. Ethereum also had over 34k peculiar investors, decrease by 8.11% since Might maybe also 2024.
  2. Bitcoin: Bitcoin, notorious for internet hosting the Runes and Ordinals collections, has been the 2d most-traded blockchain network within the NFT ecosystem this month, with full sales of $104 million. Resembling Ethereum, the amount has fallen over 49% since supreme month.
  3. Polygon: Polygon, being the layer-2 solution, also recorded $76 million in NFT sales and grew to became the third-largest blockchain by sales volume.
  4. Solana: Solana, which is that this show day diagnosed for memecoin shopping and selling, persevered to illustrate earn efficiency with $73 million in NFT sales. Solana had the most practical quantity of investors amongst the tip blockchains, with 56,287 investors.

High Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume

High Blockchains by NFT Sales Volume . Source: CryptoSlam

What Can We Request Next Month?

Within the approaching month, a couple of things could maybe well maybe affect the NFT market boost. The neatly-liked sentiment within the general crypto market (particular or negative) and the general economy will be well-known. If your total crypto market recovers, NFT sales and shopping and selling could maybe well maybe rep again. Nevertheless if things again going the contrivance they’re, the market could maybe well maybe hasten down a ways more.

Also, if unique and involving NFT tasks come out, that will maybe well maybe carry in more investors and sellers, which can maybe well maybe liven things up available within the market. It’s well-known to preserve an eye on these items to survey how they affect NFTs.


June 2024 used to be a keen month for the NFT market, with a wide decline in sales volume, investors, sellers, and transactions. Despite this downturn, several prime-selling collections and blockchains maintained their positions, highlighting the resilience and flexibility of the market. 

As we check up on to the contrivance forward for NFT market, a great deal of components will form the market’s trajectory, collectively with financial prerequisites, market sentiment, and unique innovations within the NFT market.

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