#NairaLife: The Commercial Proprietor Who Struck Gold Selling Sex Toys

#NairaLife: The Commercial Proprietor Who Struck Gold Selling Sex Toys

A week, Zikoko seeks to attain how folks transfer the Naira internal and out of their lives. Some tales will be battle-ish, others will be bougie. The total time, it’ll be revealing.

Nairalife #276 bio

When was as soon as the first time you made money?

I labored as a childminder — an assistant class teacher — at a nursery college when I was as soon as 16. The college paid me ₦7k/month to search after the kids and abet with their college work. This was as soon as 2012, and I’d simply graduated from secondary college. I took the job so I might per chance per chance lower the time I spent at home.

Why’s that?

My of us most continuously fought about money. Our monetary agonize wasn’t even ugly — my mum was as soon as a teacher and my dad was as soon as a lecturer — they simply most continuously agreed on what to construct with money. 

For occasion, my dad would focus on saving money to pay college costs and residence rent, but my mum didn’t mediate that must cessation us from going out to eateries and parties on Saturdays. Then I started listening to my mum screech my dad was as soon as hiding money so he wouldn’t deserve to utilize it on what he known as “pointless issues.” 

It was as soon as at all times one thing at home, and after secondary college, I needed to salvage out and take a look at to forge my very personal path.

Did your first job encourage you construct that?

The job helped me form a residing and construct a technique of responsibility. My of us quiet offered for me, but I had one thing to call my very personal.  I even gave my siblings money continuously. I also saved, but I most continuously spent it on food. I wasn’t conserving be conscious of my expenses either.

Once I bought admitted into the university in 2014, I stop instructing and moved to the south for uni, which was as soon as a lengthy advance from home. My of us most continuously sent me ₦15k as my total allowance for a total semester.

How did you live to hiss the tale on that?

I had an aunt who I known as for monetary support when I bought broke, which was as soon as most continuously. 

In 300 stage, I sure to initiate a industrial. I mediate ASUU had declared one other strike, and I needed to initiate one thing that’d carry me money. That’s how I started promoting ankara materials in 2017.

How did the industrial work?

I oldschool about ₦5k to initiate. I’d aquire two yards of ankara at ₦1k and sell for ₦1500 or ₦1800. My predominant customers were my chums and classmates, but I also gave among the material to somebody who offered provisions in college to abet me sell. That grew to turn into out to be a true advice because I rapidly expanded to hunting for six yards. She’d sell at a markup and remit the final money to me. I made between ₦3k – ₦4k in earnings weekly.

No longer infamous

I also started a palm oil storage industrial that one year; I heard it was as soon as profitable. A village shut to my college had several oil mills, so I oldschool the profit I made from promoting ankara to possess six gallons of palm oil at ₦4k every. 

The trick was as soon as to possess in January when palm oil was as soon as low-cost and store it till September when it becomes costly. By September, I offered every gallon at ₦16k. 

There was as soon as already a market for it so it was as soon as moderately easy. I simply took the oil to a depot that Hausa traders frequented. The traders brought in yam and potatoes to sell they most continuously bought palm oil to rob support to the north.

I did each corporations till I graduated from uni in 2019.

Would you screech you made true money?

I was as soon as ecstatic. Staunch earlier than final one year, I moved to an off-campus accommodation and paid the ₦84k annual rent myself. I was as soon as in actuality caring for myself; I didn’t disturb someone for money and no-one terrified me.

That’s the dream, TBH

After commencement, I stayed support within the south. The COVID lockdown met me there the next one year. I couldn’t sell ankara resulting from the restricted circulation, so I sure on a unique industrial thought: sex toys.


I chanced on a necessity. Earlier than the lockdown, I heard tales from my mum about one family or the diversified having sex-connected points. You’d hear one aunty had by no contrivance had an orgasm and was as soon as sexually dissatisfied in her marriage. Anytime I went home, my mum and her chums would swap tales enjoy that.

When lockdown came, it was as soon as enjoy sex was as soon as all folks might per chance per chance focus on online and offline. So, I sure that pleasure was as soon as a necessity. My thought was as soon as to sell vibrators to married females so that they’d now not lower than salvage some satisfaction.

Married females?

Sure. Ladies were those struggling per the tales I heard. Also, I felt married females were a market target market folks hadn’t gotten into enjoy that. Till now, the market quiet isn’t saturated.

How did you initiate the industrial?

I started by dropshipping for a sex toy company. I paid ₦10k to register as a reseller, which gave me salvage entry to to their web snarl for photos and movies of their products. From there, I marketed the photos on WhatsApp and establish my very personal mark. If somebody signified interest, I’d aquire the toy from the company at a discounted reseller’s mark and abet the profit. The company was as soon as in charge of handing over the product to the patron. For occasion, they’d per chance per chance also simply give me a vibrator at a reseller’s mark of ₦12k and I’d sell for ₦20k – ₦22k.

I easiest offered one item for the company on your entire of 2020 sha. A wand vibrator that brought me a ₦5k profit.

Changed into as soon as it sophisticated to salvage customers?

The mission was as soon as the company. And as well they gave resellers true products. Customers would attain out to me for products but I couldn’t carry. The company might per chance per chance simply ponder to refuse to sell, asserting they’d done promoting that teach product to resellers and desired to sell the final themselves. It was as soon as enjoy they easiest left the worst products for resellers, and that wasn’t helping me. 

Yikes. What did you construct?

I stopped dropshipping for them in 2021 and determined to possess and market my very personal toys. In March, a buddy proficient me $100 (about ₦50k) and I oldschool it to possess my first establish of toys — 13 gadgets of vibrators, dildos and BDSM kits.

My thought was as soon as to urge classified ads on Instagram so I wouldn’t depend on WhatsApp. I didn’t construct that till round October because I modified cities and wanted about a months to resolve in.

Why did you swap cities?

I was as soon as bored with where I was as soon as and wanted a swap of ambiance. Plus, a buddy offered to let me cessation in a single among their self-contained apartments at gratis, so it was as soon as a salvage-salvage. 

Hasty forward to October, I started reaching out to bloggers and Instagram influencers for classified ads. I paid ₦5k to 1 influencer, and ₦3k to 1 other. That week, I made ₦150k in sales. Revenue by myself was as soon as about ₦100k.

That’s spectacular

It was as soon as as in case your entire city knew about me from those posts. That’s how my industrial kicked off. My predominant mode of promoting is quiet influencers, and I urge classified ads continuously every month. In the early days, I spent about ₦15k monthly on the classified ads and made nearly ten instances that figure in sales. 

I’m strange. Did you experience any challenges starting out?

No longer essentially. My family knows I sell sex toys and all people minds their industrial. I’ve even offered toys to my kinfolk. I most continuously personal points with customers too. Of us enjoy their sex toys, per chance even too necessary. They address them enjoy crucial gadgets.

If I were to title a mission, it’d be that of us are inclined to abuse sex toys. I started with the blueprint of promoting the toys to married folks, but it’s largely younger of us that aquire them. They’d aquire as a lot as four or 5 toys with out extend and attain support all as soon as more the next month. 

One time, I visited a buddy and saw that she had eight vibrators. Of us aquire several kinds to experiment with and toss them after a while. I mean, it’s true for industrial but it’s infamous for them. Outrageous utilization enjoy that can’t be wholesome.

Oh, I didn’t mention I also started a ornamental flower industrial in 2021.

Characterize me more about that

I’m at all times searching for industrial opportunities, and I stumbled on bonsai plant life. They’re oldschool to brighten TV consoles and are imported from China. I made findings and commenced off hunting for itsy-bitsy quantities from a dealer — enjoy 20 at a time — and reselling. 

At the time, every flower was as soon as ₦1k, and I offered to wholesalers at ₦1800 – ₦2000. I also created an Instagram page for the industrial. For retail customers, I might per chance per chance sell the plant life at any quantity. I as soon as offered four gadgets at ₦5k every.

I bought my colossal spoil in 2022 when my sugar daddy gave me ₦2.6m to make investments in each my sex toy and flower corporations.

Woah. Here is the first time you’re declaring him

I met him thru a buddy at some stage in lockdown. He was as soon as the “buddy” who allowed me to are residing in a free house. But  I didn’t deserve to depend on someone and wasn’t asking him for money. Residing at gratis was as soon as ample for me. I simply desired to construct my industrial and compose money.

How he even gave me the ₦2.6m was as soon as droll. I’d given him among the plant life, and he cherished them. He requested if I might per chance per chance sell them on a increased scale, and I spoke back that I’d don’t deserve to lower than 1000 gadgets to initiate. Then he simply introduced that he’d give me the money. I oldschool that money to possess 3000 flower gadgets and about 100 sex toys in October 2022. Funny ample, we parted ways rapidly after.

That investment must’ve modified your profits mosey

It did. The article about having so many products as a industrial proprietor is that you just switch into more assured on your marketing. I mediate I cleared off that first bulk batch of plant life in seven weeks.

Here is how it labored: I imported the gadgets straight from China and stored them in a warehouse. Since I was as soon as hunting for thus necessary, the rate mark for every bit was as soon as ₦600. Clearance on the port was as soon as the identical cost for every item. So, I also paid ₦600 for every item. That supposed it cost me ₦1200 to carry one flower pot to Nigeria.

After I cleared the products, I started running classified ads on Instagram with influencers. Also, I offered largely to wholesalers — of us that will per chance per chance aquire now not lower than 400 gadgets. The flower industrial is terribly winning in Nigeria o. I didn’t anticipate the turnover. I didn’t know so many folk were into internal decor enjoy that. I made about ₦3.2m in take advantage of the plant life in 2023.

That identical one year, I was as soon as at final in a role to come up with the money for to transfer into my dream two-bedroom house. That costs me ₦600k/one year in rent.

Nice. So you urge each corporations similtaneously?

The plant life are enjoy a side hustle. I imported easiest three instances in 2023. It’s capital-intensive and clearance costs might per chance per chance also simply even be in every single establish of abode. I’ve now not even imported one thing this one year. Sexy now, I work with a dealer in Lagos at any time when somebody reaches out alive to to possess them. So I simply add a itsy-bitsy profit on high and she sends it to them. It’s now not regular and I don’t actively market so I’m succesful of’t screech I compose a teach quantity from it every month. My sex toy industrial brings in ample money for me.

How necessary construct you compose on average from the toys?

I very with out pain compose between ₦150k – ₦300k in earnings monthly. ₦150k in a actually infamous month. 

I’m on the second in a true establish of abode with my worth range. There’s a satisfaction that comes from incandescent I’m succesful of pay for plenty of of the issues I need. I’m succesful of stroll into an eatery and affirm food with out first inquiring for the associated rate. I’m succesful of lallygag around with chums and dawdle — now not lower than within Nigeria. But I’m okay.

Are you able to spoil down what these expenses look enjoy in a true month?

Nairalife #276 monthly expenses

I’m at all times home, so I most continuously utilize on transportation. But I most continuously host salvage-togethers to utilize time with chums, and that increases my feeding expenses. That’s most continuously enjoy an additional ₦80k. It’s now not every month even though. 

Also, I don’t establish. I’m at all times hunting for one product or the diversified for my industrial so I at all times need liquid money.

What about dark tax?

I most continuously ship money home unless it’s absolutely wanted. Maybe ₦5k right here or ₦10k there. The most I’ve ever spent on dark tax was as soon as ₦100k about a years within the past when I paid my guardian’s rent. I’ve realised that dark tax isn’t at all times from a establish of abode of need, it’s most continuously from entitlement and greed.

I sent money home steadily when I first started earning money, but I shut that down when it grew to turn into too necessary for me. I realized all people was as soon as quiet excellent with out my money, so that they’ll continue to be excellent.

What’s the hardest section of running a sex toy industrial?

Of us address the toys enjoy food. What I mean is, somebody would establish of abode an affirm honest now and anticipate it to be delivered straight away. Some are prepared to pay double the availability rate simply to salvage it straight away. I mediate it’s the thoughts establish folks are in when they affirm an item. I consistently deserve to govern expectations.

Is it uncommon that that’s essentially the most gripping “sophisticated” side to the industrial? 

Uhm —

It’s simply a relatively easy industrial. I don’t even look for purchasers anymore. In most cases, I utilize easiest ₦3k in a month for influencer marketing and I quiet compose sales. My buyer imperfect is largely repeat purchases and referrals. 

How would you listing your relationship with money?

I factor in money is a spirit. If I don’t thought how I deserve to utilize money earlier than it enters, I’m succesful of also simply cessation up spending it on emergencies or impulse purchases. So, I are trying to devise and be conscious my expenses to steer sure of that.

Also, I’m incomes successfully, even when it continuously feels enjoy I’m now not with how the financial system moves this display day. I deserve to attain some extent where my profits is more than my expenses. Maybe then, issues will initiate to compose sense.

How necessary construct you watched you prefer to be incomes for that to happen?

No longer lower than ₦3m/month. I screech this because, even when I don’t personal that many expenses, I utilize plenty on my industrial. I even deserve to restock steadily and my money is tied down unless I sell them. The article with industrial is, you’re at all times hunting for. It’s continuously sophisticated to separate industrial money and deepest money. So, if I’m incomes ₦3m and spending enjoy ₦1m, I’d be rich.

Have you ever thought about what you’d deserve to salvage to that figure?

I started offering industrial practising lessons this one year. Genuinely, my first-class is about a months away. I’m charging folks ₦50k to coach them about the palm oil storage industrial, and I’ve gotten seven college students up to now. I’m succesful of also simply quiet initiate running classified ads to salvage more college students rapidly. I also thought to retain mini-importation and industrial basis lessons. Let me explain what I perceive how to construct easiest, honest?

Gain it! Is there one thing you’d prefer to be greater at financially?

Realizing the answer to develop my money thru investments, but I’ll quiet need money for that. I bought two plots of land for ₦1.3m in 2023 they most continuously’re charge about ₦2.4m now. The land is shut to a university and I know I’m succesful of compose true money if I construct on it. It’s that or I flip it trusty into a farm. But these are plans for the future.

Is there one thing you’ll need but can’t come up with the money for honest now?

A cellphone so I’m succesful of personal a separate industrial cellphone. It’s very sophisticated the utilization of one cellphone for every industrial and deepest life resulting from the moderately about a messages and calls I salvage. I’m smitten by an iPhone 12, but that’s enjoy ₦530k.

How would you charge your monetary happiness on a scale of 1-10?

8. Maybe by the time I initiate the practising lessons and compose itsy-bitsy more money, it’d be a 10. Inquire of me all as soon as more in October.

If you’re serious about speaking about your Naira Life memoir, right here’s a true establish of abode to initiate.

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