Kawasaki Vs. Kohler Lawn Mower Engines: How Carry out They Stack Up?

Kawasaki Vs. Kohler Lawn Mower Engines: How Carry out They Stack Up?

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Two of the most well liked V-twin engine brands extinct for residential riding and nil flip lawn mowers on at the present time and age are Kawasaki and Kohler. Kawasaki and Kohler form and assemble at the least a portion of the engines they promote in The United States domestically, with parts made in The United States and in a international country. 

When procuring for (or working on) riding lawn mowers — at the side of lawn and garden tractors, zero turns, and stand-on mowers — you’re going to most frequently encounter examples from both of those engine makers. That is ensuing from a substitute of well-liked lawn mower brands, cherish Cub Cadet, Injurious Boy, Gravely, Hustler, John Deere, Husqvarna, Craftsman, Ariens, Toro, and others utilize them to construct educated energy.

For our comparison, we’ll steal into consideration Kohler 7000 Series KT725 and the Kawasaki FR691V V-twin engines. These electric start, four-cycle V-twins exhaust identical displacements to bring similar horsepower rankings. Then again, there are differences gift in their inner build, recognition for reliability, and stamp.

Kawasaki FR691V lawn mower engine

The Kawasaki FR691V 90-level V-twin delivers 23.0 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and 39.3 lb-toes of torque at 2,200 rpm from its 729 cc (44.3 cubic spin) displacement. Every of the 2 cylinders has solid iron cylinder liners bored to a 78 mm (3.1 spin) inner diameter, and the crankshaft affords a 76 mm (3.0 spin) stroke.

The 40.0 kg (88.2 pound) engine utilizes an 8.2:1 compression ratio with an automatic compression free up, an digital ignition scheme, and an “internally vented carburetor with gas shut-off solenoid” for more straightforward start-ups. The FR691V aspects a single-stage air filter, however, various Kawasaki lawn mower engine items utilize a extra complex air filter scheme correct for prolonged utilize in dusty environments.

Kawasaki realizes that regardless of how correct its engines design, it’d be of miniature profit “with out a lawn mower to make them work.” With that in suggestions, Kawasaki engines partners with quality lawn mower builders cherish Ariens, Injurious Boy Mowers, BigDog Mower Co., Cub Cadet, Dixie Chopper, Gravely, Husqvarna, Hustler, Kubota, Skag, Toro, and just a few others.

Kohler KT725 lawn mower engine

The Kohler KT725 four-stroke V-twin lawn mower engine aspects 725 cc (44.2 cubic inches) of displacement, turning in 22 horsepower at 3,600 rpm and 40.4 lb-toes of torque at 2,200 rpm. The KT725 makes utilize of a better 83 mm (3.3 spin) cylinder bore, shorter 67 mm (2.6 spin) crankshaft stroke, and better 9.1:1 compression ratio when put next with the Kawasaki FR691V engine.

Weighing in at 38.6 kg (85 pounds), the KT725 aspects Kohler’s performance filtration kit designed for elevated “air, oil, and gas filter ability for added safety.” As well, the included “Dazzling-Choke” scheme enables easy begins at any throttle mutter in any temperature, even below freezing when the utilize of your mower for iciness chores.

Like Kawasaki, Kohler engines are stumbled on on just among the final notice lawn mower brands in a unfold of shapes and sizes. Some top price lawn mower brands that characteristic Kohler V-twin engines embrace Ariens, Craftsman, Cub Cadet, John Deere, Scag, Toro, Walker, and others.

How reside Kohler engines overview to Kawasaki lawn mower engines?

Kohler and Kawasaki offer a large vary of lawn mower engines with various horsepower rankings and sizes to energy push mowers, industrial riding mowers, and industrial lawn care tools. Both corporations duvet their air-cooled V-twin engines with a 36-month diminutive warranty that covers defects in affords and workmanship.

On the total, riding lawn mowers outfitted with Kawasaki V-twins are extra expensive. While right here’s seemingly due to Kawasaki’s superior recognition for quality and longevity, this recognition is no longer any longer basically a laborious truth and can mute be at the least partly anecdotal.

Consistent upkeep is one general theme for getting the most out of any lawn mower engine. While periodic upkeep tasks akin to oil adjustments and replacing filters are on the total performed within the starting put apart of the season, it be also principal to check and succor oil phases, blade sharpness, tire stress, and air filter cleanliness for the interval of the mowing season. Then again, reckoning on the dimensions of your lawn and the length of your mowing season, it be that you just would possibly mutter you’re going to deserve to replace your lawn mower engine oil midseason to boot.

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