Is your train within the tip 10 states with dirtiest spicy areas?

Is your train within the tip 10 states with dirtiest spicy areas?

A up to the moment diagnosis has revealed that Unique Jersey holds the uncertain distinction of getting the dirtiest spicy areas within the USA. In step with records compiled from TripAdvisor opinions, Unique Jersey had an overwhelming option of complaints referring to restaurant cleanliness, far surpassing other states.

The seek, performed by Affordable Seating, analyzed opinions pointing out hygiene points corresponding to “dirty restaurant,” “rats,” “roaches” and “hair in food.” Unique Jersey led the pack with a great 320,520 complaints about dirty spicy areas — 854 p.c bigger than the life like at some level of the Top 10 dirtiest states. Unique Jersey had 1,883 opinions pointing out hair in food and 810 complaints about rats and roaches.

Following Unique Jersey, Florida and California beget been the following states with vital cleanliness points. Florida had 4,560 complaints about dirty spicy areas and 636 mentions of rats and roaches. California, while having fewer complaints about dirty spicy areas, 3,332, had the very excellent risk of complaints about rodents, with 960 opinions pointing out rats and roaches.

Top ten states with dirtiest spicy areas

  1. Unique Jersey
    • Soiled Restaurant: 320,520 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 1,883 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 810 opinions
  2. Florida
    • Soiled Restaurant: 4,560 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 1,691 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 636 opinions
  3. California
    • Soiled Restaurant: 3,332 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 1,731 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 960 opinions
  4. Arizona
    • Soiled Restaurant: 1,759 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 639 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 443 opinions
  5. Texas
    • Soiled Restaurant: 1,068 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 471 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 232 opinions
  6. Louisiana
    • Soiled Restaurant: 951 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 412 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 399 opinions
  7. Alabama
    • Soiled Restaurant: 918 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 404 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 141 opinions
  8. Maryland
    • Soiled Restaurant: 884 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 436 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 201 opinions
  9. Nevada
    • Soiled Restaurant: 881 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 579 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 414 opinions
  10. Georgia
    • Soiled Restaurant: 856 opinions
    • Hair in Meals: 375 opinions
    • Rats and Roaches: 216 opinions

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