A Hammond man is facing expenses alleging he generally sexually assaulted a preteen woman, then told police she lied about it.

Deshawn Emerson, 29, is facing as a lot as 92 years. He used to be charged Tuesday with two counts of Level 1 child molesting and one depend of Level 4 child molesting.

He has no longer been apprehended and is ordered held without bail.

Hammond Police replied on Sept. 2, 2022, to Community Sanatorium in Munster. The kid wrote a demonstrate to a buddy in faculty alleging the sexual abuse. The affidavit estimates the assaults took blueprint between April and September 2022.

The victim recalled that Emerson forced her to place a intercourse act in July 2022. She later mentioned the abuse started “several times” before then.

In alternative incidents, she alleged he sexually assaulted her.

Emerson denied the allegations, announcing the girl used to be lying and offended he purchased his lady friend pregnant.

The kid used to be “clingy,” he claimed.

Emerson told authorities he would take hold of a polygraph test. The outcomes possess been inconclusive. He also gave a DNA swab.

Every other child told investigators that the victim would take a seat on his lap when they watched films. In a single incident where the victim mentioned Emerson sexually assaulted her in an attic, the watch mentioned he and the kid possess been alone there for Half-hour.

The victim used to be later identified with a sexually transmitted illness, court docket data demonstrate. The affidavit doesn’t demonstrate results for Emerson.

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