Google Fi’s contemporary ‘Number Lock’ protects against SIM swaps

Google Fi’s contemporary ‘Number Lock’ protects against SIM swaps

Google Fi Wi-fi has a contemporary Number Lock characteristic that presents an “extra layer of protection against unlawful SIM swaps.” 

“SIM swapping occurs when anyone is ready to take your phone number by convincing your provider to port your phone number over to a SIM card they comprise. As an instance, anyone may maybe well presumably name your provider, fake to be you, and persuade your provider that you indulge in lost your phone and need to transfer your number to a recent phone.”


When Number Lock is enabled, “chances are high you’ll maybe presumably presumably also’t transfer your number to a recent instrument or provider whereas this lock is active.”

To enable, mosey to the Google Fi web dispute ( and decide your user (whenever you happen to indulge in a pair of as phase of a community notion). Dawdle to Telephone settings > Privacy & security > Number lock.

Faucet “Signal in to administer Number lock” and guarantee your Google Account credentials to enable the toggle.

Google Fi Number Lock

If you happen to ever need to “transfer your number to a recent instrument or port to 1 other provider,” return to that page, which is never available in the market in the Android or iOS apps. Since the distress is minimal, enabling Number Lock wants to be a ultimate idea for most customers.

Out of doorways of this characteristic, transferring a host out of Google Fi is made more anxious by novel Google Account protections, especially with two-say authentication enabled, that require you to be signed-in and authenticate. Then any other time, the pickle is a unsuitable event concentrating on the T-Cellular backend, which is what looks to indulge in came about final year. An even precaution in usual is disabling SMS-based utterly 2FA when that chances are high you’ll maybe presumably presumably also factor in.

Substitute: Primarily based utterly on a recent FCC rule, carriers need to give customers the “possibility to lock or freeze their fable to quit SIM adjustments.” Number Lock is Google Fi’s rob on that requirement.

…when activated, wi-fi services mustn’t fulfill SIM substitute requests unless the client deactivates the lock


Carriers also need to let customers “lock or freeze their accounts to quit port-outs.”

Port-out fraud takes set aside when the improper actor, posing because the sufferer, opens an fable with a provider diverse than the sufferer’s contemporary provider. The improper actor then arranges for the sufferer’s phone number to be transferred (or “ported out”) to the fable with the contemporary provider managed by the improper actor.


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