Apple is ready to make main generative AI recordsdata; right here’s how I’ve been the usage of AI thus a long way

Apple is ready to make main generative AI recordsdata; right here’s how I’ve been the usage of AI thus a long way

In a few hours, we’ll be taught what Apple has in mind for an AI-infused model of iPhone tool. We request AI to train quality-of-lifestyles improvements to iOS over the subsequent yr. In most up-to-date historical previous is any indication, AI will attain such that iOS 19 and iOS 20 are as influenced by AI as iOS 18. We’ll notice.

Meanwhile, I must region a marker for how generative AI is working for me before Apple’s anticipated contribution.

ChatGPT and Claude

85% of my AI usage contains ChatGPT on the Mac. First as a pinned tab in Safari, then as a top quality Mac app.

ChatGPT is the first app I’ve positioned between Finder and Safari. I feel that’s because of how it changes my relationship to the net, particularly Google Search.

Every other 10% of usage occurs on ChatGPT for iPhone, particularly ChatGPT Pronounce in hands-free scenarios. Anthropic’s Claude, another colossal language model-powered AI, has the diversified 5%.

I support Perplexity build in on my iPhone, however I’m no longer delighted that I need it with top class ChatGPT. I’m responsive to Google’s AI, however no longer its recent name.

And I subscribe to X Top rate (to lead sure of rate limits on the Mac app), however I the truth is keep in mind no longer invested time with Grok. Most likely Grok provides X a motive to revive its Mac app.

Anyway, motivate to AI.


A colossal language model doing refined text prediction shouldn’t be graceful at math on its keep in mind. Neither am I. Nonetheless ChatGPT is able to recognizing when a conversational response isn’t enough. The employ of natural language input, ChatGPT detects when diagnosis is required.

Right here’s a staunch world example. My excellent excellent friend received a Cybertruck with out cost. He wished to sell his Tesla Mannequin 3 to me. I suggested a 36-month payment settlement between us, and he agreed. Easy enough.

Alternatively, his auto loan had 19 month-to-month payments final. Plus we wished to include insurance protection protection, registration, the prolonged guarantee, and moderately APR.

Explaining this in these phrases to ChatGPT gave us a dynamic payment thought that met all of these wants while showing its work. I’m particular that my excellent friend may well even keep in mind crunched the numbers, however I most standard having the ability to point to the terms myself.

I’ve additionally employ ChatGPT for environment reasonable monetary targets, rising budgets, and teaching myself more on monetary literacy. I rate the conversational nature with out burdening any individual else.


Many bring to mind having essays written for you when ChatGPT and writing are discussed. Nonetheless I’m no longer racy AI to interchange me. As an different, my point of curiosity has been on the usage of generative AI to sharpen my abilities.

I revel in and like writing as a manufacture of verbal exchange and storytelling such that I’ll by no manner search recordsdata from ChatGPT to write down a first draft for me.

As an different, I instant ChatGPT to be my 2d region of eyes on what I the truth is write myself. I employ the Mac app Rocket Typist to make bigger the text shortcut ;edit into this:

Any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors? If so, concisely list in bullets, please:

Then I paste in a sentence, paragraph, or full text of my writing. I’ve been writing on 9to5Mac for 11 years and counting. Light, it’s moderately disturbing to push publish incandescent that readers around the arena will exercise it.

ChatGPT has helped mitigate that fright, making publishing more delicious. If I were particularly tased with replica editing text, I’d similarly employ generative AI as a instrument to sharpen my abilities.

I additionally employ ChatGPT to fleet resolution queries that device up as I’m writing a memoir. The trick, for me, is to treat the results like Wikipedia. By no manner rely on the text that it returns. As an different, employ it as a signal for the build to point your keep in mind review. This narrowing feature absolutely keeps me on my educate of thought larger than something else.


Lastly, and likely most profound in my view, is how I employ ChatGPT for health. Namely, my mental health.

I employ an hour with my therapist every diversified Monday morning. This very much helps navigating lifestyles as a single father of two young of us under age 12. My targets are repeatedly straight forward: process experiences, assess my standpoint, and celebrate every milestone.

With permission, I fable every session with Pronounce Memos on my iPhone. Afterwards, I transcribe the text on my MacBook Air the usage of the audio file and MacWhisper. Then I employ a series of prompts to take my treatment session additional.

  • Can I show you the transcript of my latest therapy session? I'd like to take more from the session.
  • What are some things I should focus on before my next session in two weeks?
  • Any feedback about the kind of person I am?
  • What are some actionable items for this week?
  • Any constructive criticism to provide based on the transcript?
  • What about blind spots to consider? Should I be thinking about something that I didn't bring up? Something that isn't top of mind but that healthy, functioning adults think about?

I in discovering that these prompts lend a hand gasoline reflection, provoke unique ares of thinking, and present closure to a given interval. I rate having an outlined endpoint and no longer getting lost of the depths in introspection.

Extra typically, ChatGPT has additionally been helpful for prioritizing projects and making selections.

Prognosis paralysis is staunch. ChatGPT helps. The trick for me? ChatGPT reveals its work. Correct like with natural language math prompts, ChatGPT provides motive to how it kinds projects and suggests selections.

These employ conditions and a form of more keep in mind amplified the usefulness of my iPhone and Mac. I’m desirous to specialize in what integrating generative AI at a intention level does for Apple.

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