A Midsummer Purple Sprite Viewed from Voice

A Midsummer Purple Sprite Viewed from Voice

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Andrea Lloyd

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Monika Luabeya

Jul 10, 2024

NASA astronaut Matthew Dominick photographed purple sprites in Earth’s better ambiance from the International Voice Set of residing on June 3, 2024. The vibrant purple flashes (extra without complications seen by clicking on the picture to analysis a a lot bigger model) are a much less understood phenomena associated with considerable lightning events and appear high above the clouds in the mesosphere. Transient Sparkling Occasions (TLEs), at the side of purple sprites, are vibrant bursts of power that appear above storms as a results of lightning exercise going on in and below storms on Earth.

Crew members in most cases capture TLEs with broad focal lengths all over Earth timelapses. Instruments mounted outside build, love Ambiance-Voice Interactions Track (ASIM), can capture a range of recordsdata for researchers on Earth utilizing cameras, photometers, X-ray and gamma-ray detectors. Study extra about seeing storms from utter. 

Whereas utter build crew hunt for TLEs from utter, that it’s seemingly you’ll lend a hand moral here on Earth: ship your pictures of sprites and rather about a TLEs to NASA’s citizen science project, Spritacular, to make a contribution to a crowdsourced database that professional scientists can exercise for analysis.

Image Credit score: NASA/Matthew Dominick

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