10 Nigerian Laws You’ve Doubtlessly Never Heard About

10 Nigerian Laws You’ve Doubtlessly Never Heard About

About a of the rules on this list catch never ever been enacted, either because Nigerians don’t know them or because they appropriate form sound like page fillers in the Criminal Code Act of the Nigerian Constitution. 

By the cease of this fragment, all you’ll wonder is “Who even conception to be those rules?” 

Witchcraft and juju 

Constant with Share 210 of the Criminal Code Act of the 1990 Nigerian Constitution, if the accused confesses to being a witch or is confirmed to catch or to catch used charms on yet any other person, they get penitentiary time. All of us know village folk are genuine, so when that it is likely you’ll also catch got proof of their existence for your lifestyles, you would even catch them imprisoned. Nonetheless in case your accusation seems to be spurious, that you can be the one to consume ten years in penitentiary. 

One amongst the uncommon witchcraft conditions to assemble it to court took place in Bauchi utter in 2011. The case was once settled amicably between the 2 witches, and it’s unclear in the event that they served the 2-one year penitentiary period of time.  

Promising and failing to marry

In the case of Egbe v. Adefarasin (1987) NWLR (Pt. 133) 594, the Nigerian Supreme Court docket held that breach of promise to marry is actionable. The court insists there must be proof of this promise, like letters, a hoop or photos. In the absence of this, witnesses can testify. 

One Ms Mabamije got ₦20 million in 2016, among varied things, because her fiance broke his promise to marry her. The law applies to both ladies and men folks, so in case your longtime partner misbehaves or has broken their promise to marry you, you realize what to end. 

Motivating or no longer easy others to wrestle

Constant with Share 84 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria, anyone who challenges one other to wrestle a duel, or makes an are attempting to mark one other to wrestle a duel, is guilty of a criminal and would be imprisoned for 3 years. The next time anyone challenges you to throw hands, get them arrested straight.

Helping or committing suicide

Share 327 of the Criminal Code Act in Nigeria states that someone who makes an are attempting to abolish himself is guilty of a misdemeanour and is at risk of one one year imprisonment. Any individual who aids suicide will get lifestyles imprisonment.

Nonetheless this law has been under evaluation since October 2023, because it’s baffling that the authorities indubitably conception one one year of imprisonment was once the finest scheme to encourage suicidal folk who indubitably desire treatment and counselling. 

The use of untrue gold or silver coins

The of dealing in untrue gold or silver coins is two years in penal advanced in step with Share 148-151 of the Criminal Code. Imagine what the lawmakers of the ’90s must’ve been via for something like this to assemble the Criminal Code. 

If like Peter in the bible, you don’t catch silver or gold, you’re win for now. 

Disrupting religious carrier

We catch questions here. Does it count if the disruption is from the offering queue, or because persons are busy searching at an nice looking Christian brother or sister? It perhaps does. 

This furthermore system if Muslims catch to use the first roads for Jumaat prayers, it is some distance illegal to disrupt them because you ought to force to your destination. Get this in Share 206 of the Criminal Code. 

Insulting religions

Concerned with how great this happens on social media, we’ve blended feelings about this one.

Share 204 of the Criminal Code says the punishment is two years in penal advanced. Then again, Sharia law considers it blasphemy, which has been used to give an explanation for the killing of folk supposed to be blasphemers

Promoting defective meat

If Mr Shola who sells meat at Iba is reading this, your days are numbered, sir. 

The next time you get defective meat, no must shalaye or return it. Take it to the police station. You and the meat vendor will focus on this in court. Exterior food safety rules, Sections 243 & 244 of the Criminal Code particularly utter a two-one year sentence for folks who promote diseased meat. 

Boulevard begging

Lagos utter banned toll road begging in 2023 and talked about defaulters would consume two to three months in penitentiary if caught. About a folk catch confronted the song in court for this, nonetheless many aloof amble the toll road in lack of understanding. 

Dishonest in industry

Share 421 of the Criminal Code spells out two years in penal advanced for a vendor who sells overpriced or stolen merchandise to prospects. 

If this law had been utilized, many Instagram vendors would be at the encourage of bars for their overpriced merchandise, nonetheless that’s an article for one other day. 

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