White wine on rise as chardonnay tops shiraz to be Australia’s most traditional diversity

White wine on rise as chardonnay tops shiraz to be Australia’s most traditional diversity

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Wine Australia’s most up-to-date Nationwide Traditional Report reveals Australia’s general wine grape crush climbed by 9 per cent in 2024.

In the previous one year more chardonnay grapes were crushed nationwide than any a substantial amount of diversity.

Or no longer it’s the most main time in a decade that white grape crush has surpassed crimson.

Extra chardonnay grapes were crushed all over Australia in the previous one year than any a substantial amount of diversity, pushing the nation’s white grape crush earlier than crimson for the most main time in a decade.

Wine Australia’s most up-to-date Nationwide Traditional Report for 2024 reveals Australia’s general wine grape crush climbed by 9 per cent in 2024 to 1.43 million tonnes, nonetheless gentle remained successfully below the final decade average.

Wine Australia’s market insights supervisor Peter Bailey acknowledged whereas more white grapes were crushed, it used to be gentle the second smallest volume in 17 years.

Ripening Chardonnay grapes in South Australia's Riverland

Chardonnay grapes are also the grape of need for many stunning wines. (Clint Jasper)

“The crimson crush declined by about 5,000 tonnes, whereas the white crush elevated by 117,000 tonnes — nonetheless the white crush is gentle successfully below the ten-one year average,” Mr Bailey acknowledged.

“Chardonnay used to be the fundamental white and general diversity — [its] tonnes elevated by 31 per cent over the one year, which overtook shiraz to take the title of the most attention-grabbing diversity by crush, which it final held in 2013.”

He acknowledged that used to be down to each and each client need, and a rebound from a truly low traditional in 2023.

In distinction, the amount of shiraz grapes crushed dropped by 14 per cent to its lowest stages since 2007 as prices for those grapes fell nationally.

“When you are taking the Riverland — that is the most attention-grabbing producing put for shiraz in Australia and that’s per chance the put the affect has been most severe — the Riverland shiraz crush fell by 22,000 tonnes in 2024,” Mr Bailey acknowledged.

“I get it reflects the put quiz is in the meantime globally for wine and in particular for just a few of the crimson forms, and we’re seeing declines in the consumption of wine all over the globe, so as that is undoubtedly having a waft-on discontinuance to our nationwide crush.”

Some areas on the rise

However the outcomes were no longer all spoiled news for crimson wine producers.

Luke stands in a leafy vineyard.

Owner of Patrick of Coonawarra, Luke Tocaciu, says seasonal prerequisites in Coonawarra were powerful better than in 2023. (ABC South East SA: Elsie Adamo)

Whereas the crush rates from many areas in Australia’s largest producing teach, South Australia, shrank this one year, some were in a situation to crimson meat up their outcomes.

In Coonawarra, in the teach’s South East, crush volume and tag each and each jumped by over 30 per cent.

Whereas Coonawarra has been traditionally identified for crimson wine, per Coonawarra Vignerons vice-president and proprietor of Patrick of Coonawarra, Luke Tocaciu, a mixture of improved seasonal prerequisites and a solid popularity ended in a jog traditional.

“We saw a form of merchants reach help into the market, especially in the direction of the discontinue [of vintage],” he acknowledged.

“Most a substantial amount of areas had main losses from the warmth injury, and we were fortunately in a situation to mitigate most of that.”

Bruce stands in a shed stuffed with wine barrels.

Bruce Gregory, senior winemaker for Majella in Coonawarra, says there has gentle been solid quiz for the put’s cabernet sauvignon.(ABC South East SA: Elsie Adamo)

Senior winemaker with Majella Wines, Bruce Gregory, has been making wine in the put for decades.

He acknowledged it is obvious dispositions were changing.

“They truly desire our riesling and rosé, we’re basically bought out of those two in the meantime,” Mr Gregory acknowledged.

“That is continually a exhausting factor to alter … this will swing around I’m jog over a time frame.”

Chronicle crush for Tasmania

girl standing in vineyard

Wine Tasmania’s Sheralee Davies says the island teach’s frigid climate grapes are wanted.(ABC Details: Luke Bowden)

Tasmania’s wine industry confirmed enormous positive aspects with a epic-breaking wine grape crush, up 42 per cent when compared to the one year earlier than.

Wine Tasmania’s Sheralee Davies acknowledged the teach’s vineyards no longer handiest carried out epic breaking tonnage, as well they carried out epic-breaking prices.

“Twenty-seven per cent of recorded wine grape tonnages bought [from Tasmania] were above $4,000 a tonne which is a epic,” she acknowledged.

“Tasmania secures just a few of the easiest prices in the nation for its wine grapes and bottled wine as a result of very high quality and solid quiz.”

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