US triathlon star overcomes bee stings and big battles to carry first podium of 2024 at iconic Concern Roth

US triathlon star overcomes bee stings and big battles to carry first podium of 2024 at iconic Concern Roth

Rudy von Berg took third location and a huge self belief boost at Concern Roth on Sunday, as the American clinched his first podium of the season in vogue.

Coming dwelling in 7:38:30, his second fastest time over the elephantine distance, the PTO World #9 overcame a peculiar bee assault accurate through speed week and a difficult fight on the speed to retain on for a top carry out.

After a rollercoaster start to the season on the T100 Triathlon World Tour, the 30-twelve months-feeble looks poised for even better performances as the crux of the season approaches.


No topic crashing within the buildup to the speed following two suspected bee stings, von Berg managed to dust himself off and catch it to the starting point in a single fragment for his debut in Roth.

Rudy Von Berg ending Concern Roth 2024
Photo Credit: Christoph Raithel / Concern Roth

From the gun, the 2023 IRONMAN World Championship fourth location finisher was struggling with it out for the rostrum, and he gave a rundown of his day within the post-speed press conference.

“The starting build of the swim was reasonably exhausting but then when we came reduction, I don’t know if it was the original or one thing, but it definitely felt if truth be told easy, so that was aesthetic good.

“Then on the bike, I cherish classes love this with quite of a technical facet, some usaand downs and after getting to Roth ten days out, I knew the route reasonably properly by speed day.

“We were rolling reasonably properly after which the speed was okay, it’s continuously painful and intensely advanced to your head to achieve a marathon, so that bought quite of unpleasant within the tip.” 


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Digging deep on the speed

Going into extra detail in regards to the darkish moments on the speed, the American elephantine distance file holder admitted he needed to slide face-to-face with some demons in uncover to retain on to third location after an early fight with Tom Bishop for second.

Men's Knowledgeable podium at Concern Roth 2024 - Magnus Ditlev, Tom Bishop, Rudy Von Berg
Photo Credit: Christoph Raithel / Concern Roth

“I believed I had it below retain an eye on, I believed second was aesthetic mighty within the catch, and I hadn’t faltered at the tip of the marathon last twelve months, so I believed I used to be accurate, but then all of a unexpected my quads by 27km fully seized up and it was so painful. 

“After I used to be in third, I may presumably well gaze the fellows coming within the reduction of me, and that made one thing swap in my head, I don’t know if it was ego, but I accurate concept ‘I’m staying on this podium’.

“It’s easy ought to you’re in so mighty bother to let slide and earn that they were going to pass me, and that accurate ending in sixth would gain peaceful been very painful, but I had a psychological swap and I went beyond the problem to retain on.” 

Coming dwelling with a 2:43:25 marathon, von Berg executed accurate 27 seconds sooner than fourth location finisher Jan Stratmann, with handiest 77 seconds setting apart Bishop in second and Leon Chevalier in fifth.

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