The correct system to fetch Gargantua Mask in Closing Delusion XIV (FFXIV)

The correct system to fetch Gargantua Mask in Closing Delusion XIV (FFXIV)

In the most modern Closing Delusion XIV growth, Dawntrail, Garganatua Mask is the contemporary Hazardous leather Crafting Ingredient. Extra particularly, Leatherworkers can craft Gargantua Leather out of Gargantua Mask, making it an awfully treasured resource. Here’s fetch Gargantua Mask in Closing Delusion XIV (FFXIV) and the ideal areas in which that that you just may maybe furthermore farm it.

The correct system to fetch Gargantua Mask

Enjoy most heinous crafting offers in FFXIV, there are a total lot of ways to accomplish the contemporary Gargantua Mask subject topic. Here are the three ways to fetch Gargantua Mask:

  • Farm it by killing Gargantua creatures in Residing Memory.
  • Commerce 3 Bicolor Gemstones received from winding up Shared FATEs.
  • Likelihood to design by the exhaust of Searching (Stage 100) Retainer Ventures.

Finest Gargantua Mask farming space in FFXIV

The correct station to farm Gargantua Mask is by defeating the Stage ninety 9 Gargantua monsters conceal in the jap Opal Springs rental of Asyle Volcane in the Residing Memory zone. This is the final zone that that you just may maybe release as section of the MSQ.

Whenever you behold at the device above, the most effective system to fetch to the Gargantua Mask farming space is by teleporting to the Leynode Pyro Aether Present after which heading a puny bit southeast to the jap plight of the island you are on. You will seek recordsdata from a total lot of the big reddish-orangeish Gargantua roaming spherical. A steady station to originate is across the coordinates X: 36.8, Y: 18.6.

Killing these Garganatua has just a few 20%-25% likelihood of dropping wherever from 1-5 Gargantua Hides, making it the ideal system to reliably farm the topic topic.

Ranking Gargantua Mask by the exhaust of Bicolor Gemstones and Shared FATEs

If farming offers by the exhaust of killing mobs isn’t your cup of tea, or you merely prefer to maneuver Shared FATEs in its set aside, you end maintain yet every other alternative. Three separate Vendors in the Dawntrail growth sell Gargantua Hides for 3 Bicolor Gemstones every, which are received by winding up Shared FATEs in any of the contemporary Dawntrail zones.

Here are the distributors promoting Gargantuia Mask for Bicolor Gemstones:

Vendor Build of abode Liberate Requirements
PX-0029 Residing Memory (X: 22, Y: 37.5) Liberate Residing Memory by the exhaust of MSQ.
Kajeel Ja Tuliyollal (X: 12.8, Y: 13) End Despicable 4 Shared FATE in all Dawntrail zones.
Beryl Resolution 9 (X: 8.4, Y: 14) End Despicable 4 Shared FATE in all Dawntrail zones.

Produce Gargantua Mask from Retainer Ventures

Finally, a rather passive system to secure Gargantua Mask is by the exhaust of your Retainers. Whenever you maintain got gotten your Retainers leveled up excessive sufficient they’ll grab part in Stage 100 Searching Ventures to secure some Gargantua Hides. The amount your Retainer acquires will rely on their Item Stage. At 670 Item Stage, your Retainer will bring help 5 Gargantua Hides. At 715 Item Stage, your Retainer will set aside triple that amount with 15 Gargantua Hides.

If you maintain got gotten collected sufficient Gargantua Mask, a Leatherworker can craft it into Gargantua Leather. The offers required to craft Gargantua Leather are:

  • 4 Gargantua Mask
  • 1 Acacia Bark
  • 8 Earth Crystal

The Leatherworker will furthermore must be Stage 98 to entry the crafting recipe.

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