Simogo 2024 Interview: Co-Founder Simon Flesser on Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, Inspirations including Zelda and Metroid, Switch Being the Lead Platform, Previous Video games, Coffee, and Worthy Extra

Simogo 2024 Interview: Co-Founder Simon Flesser on Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, Inspirations including Zelda and Metroid, Switch Being the Lead Platform, Previous Video games, Coffee, and Worthy Extra

This week, Simogo and Annapurna Interactive are launching Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, the developer’s first recreation since Sayonara Wild Hearts, on Nintendo Switch and Steam worldwide. I wrote up some early tips in regards to the game here. Forward of this open (and earlier than I got to play it on Switch), I spoke to Simogo co-founder Simon Flesser in regards to the game, inspirations, working with the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, the likelihood of ports, bodily releases, song, espresso, and extra. I will like a elephantine Lorelei and the Laser Eyes Switch review going up within the upcoming days. I needed a minute beyond regular time with it, but it indubitably feels most frequently ideally suited on the Switch’s OLED display and has been an attractive trip within the time I’ve set into it.

TouchArcade (TA): I most frequently open by inquiring for an introduction, but customary TouchArcade readers are neatly privy to Simogo and your superlative video games. As an alternative, uncover us moderately bit about how the previous few years were for Simogo with extra than one platforms, working with Annapurna Interactive after self-publishing video games earlier than.

Simon Flesser (SF): It’s been each and each beautiful and strugglesome. Sayonara Wild Hearts became as soon as a tricky project, and it finest became more challenging as we labored on it. Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, on the opposite hand, became as soon as mostly a pleasure for the team to work on. Though the project took extensive turns and we threw away loads of accomplished work when shifting directions, it became as soon as a noteworthy extra cosy and artistic route of, which I feel has strengthened us as a team.

TA: I no longer too long within the past wrote about Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, one of essentially the most charming puzzle video games I’ve played in ages. It is miles releasing days from now (in step with when this interview became as soon as conducted). How like the previous few months been for you engaged on the game?

SF: Over the closing five-six months, we’ve got essentially been specializing in localizing the game, and imposing the translations. It’s a complicated and in actuality handbook route of, as this recreation has loads of textual utter and shows them in loads of assorted methods.

TA: I’ve consistently idea of every Simogo recreation price experiencing irrespective of how somebody feels a few particular vogue due to the the creativity on uncover. What had been your inspirations for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes?

SF: Films bask in L’Année dernière à Marienbad, books bask in the Magus, the work of Paul Auster and videogames bask in used lope video games and Resident Grisly, Zelda and Metroid. We had been moreover impressed customarily by the construction of commence world video games, but we as an alternative wished to steal a watch at and designate an intimate world, as an alternative of commence.

TA: Simogo has developed a few of essentially the most attention-grabbing video games ever bask in Map 6 and Year Stroll being essentially the most frequent examples. For those unaware about Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, what enact you watched makes it price experiencing for novices to the vogue?

SF: Though the puzzles are tough, you never procure caught. Since the game is so non-linear and has so many uncommon puzzles and interactions to glimpse, there may perhaps be continually one thing new to enact. And the extra you glimpse, the extra you are going to achieve how all the pieces is linked, and be in a space to clear up the mystery. We’ve seen of us that most frequently don’t even play videogames be fully spellbound by it.

TA: Lorelei and the Laser Eyes is reasonably easy to manipulate but moderately complicated in its puzzles. What led to you attempting the game to factual like character motion and one interaction button for all the pieces?

SF: There had been a resolution of reasons. We consistently are making an strive to steal a watch at and scenario established retain an eye on-standards, and explore how issues will likely be executed otherwise. It became as soon as an exciting originate exercise to steal a watch at and boil down all interactions to factual one input. We known as this originate “the consistently ahead” originate, this potential that that the participant may perhaps presumably never raze or relief out of anything else magically, or skip steps, they had to steal the same potential out as they came in, and we wished to originate a 100% constant originate where all interactions had been created equally.
We moreover wished any individual who had never held a controller to be in a space to play this recreation, and we wished it to be playable with finest one hand, and even less.

TA: I spotted some puzzles require cycling through extra than one numbers or tabs. Are there plans to originate this less complicated to enact on a controller?

SF: No. We desire the game to feel deliberate, and gamers to commit to their decisions.

TA: Previously, you’ve posted about how Lorelei and the Laser Eyes feels great on Switch and Steam Deck. The feeble even runs at 60fps and native resolution on Nintendo’s hybrid machine. Modified into Lorelei and the Laser Eyes developed for Switch from the open?

SF: Yes, Switch became as soon as consistently the game’s important platform. It’s a nice machine to originate for because it’s possible you’ll presumably also elevate it with you and test builds in case it’s possible you’ll presumably be on the trip. That’s severely for a recreation bask in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, which required so noteworthy discovering out, due to the its non-linearity and random generated ingredients.

TA: Speaking of Switch, Nintendo has featured Lorelei and the Laser Eyes in its showcases a few events now. It became as soon as definitely the highlight of the sizzling Jap showcase for me. How indispensable like these directs been for you over time?

SF: It became as soon as a extremely fun element for us to love our recreation in them, and it became as soon as great to leer the Jap version. How indispensable it’s a ways for the game, I couldn’t uncover you, I’m no longer a marketer, and I strive to no longer watch too noteworthy at numbers.

TA: Sayonara Wild Hearts got a bodily open through iam8bit and it became as soon as out of the ordinary. I purchased it on each and each platforms twice since it’s a ways one of my all-time favorites. What must we quiz for a attainable Lorelei and the Laser Eyes bodily open?

SF: No instantaneous plans as of now, but hopefully it’s one thing we can enact in a while.

TA: Lorelei and the Laser Eyes is launching on factual Switch and PC. Are there plans to within the raze elevate it to mobile or other consoles?

SF: There are no longer any instantaneous plans for other consoles, and it’s no longer going this is in a position to presumably technique to mobile, but who knows.

TA: How became as soon because it working with the Steam Deck pre-open for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes?

SF: It factual works. Proton appears bask in some unlit magic to us. The recreation is Deck verified, even though with Proton 9, a miniature visible discipline for our recreation became as soon as presented, so we recommend setting Lorelei and the Laser Eyes to open with Proton 7 for how we intended the game to study, for now.

TA: Own there been any contemporary puzzle video games or factual video games you bask in within the vogue that impressed anything else in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes?

SF: I consistently shield and steal a watch at to play new and attention-grabbing releases, but I no longer incessantly procure any sing inspiration from new video games. But I feel it’ll also moreover be attention-grabbing to play new issues and steal a watch at to attain the reasoning within the relief of designs, and take a look at their structure.

TA: I bear in mind meeting Gordon relief in 2013 in India where I got the Year Stroll soundtrack on CD and some pins. For Sayonara
Wild Hearts there were vinyl and cassette releases. Are there any plans to enact one thing an analogous for Lorelei and the Laser Eyes?

SF: We hope to be in a space to open the soundtrack bodily in a while, by some potential.

TA: After enjoying Lorelei and the Laser Eyes on Steam Deck, I saved interested by how noteworthy I’d are making an strive to replay it in a while with a DualSense on PS5 and with touch controls on iPad. This isn’t a quiz, but I’m factual expressing hobby in Lorelei and the Laser Eyes hitting extra platforms bask in those and Xbox. I am hoping the game does neatly sufficient to procure ported so extra of us can trip it.

SF: It has some very nice and subtle rumble on Switch, already!

TA: It has been over a decade since we closing interviewed you. Loads has changed since then for no longer factual Simogo, but moreover mobile gaming as a full. Are there any plans to revisit your older titles and elevate them to other platforms?

SF: We’re consistently interested by discovering methods to retain our video games, but merely porting them to other platforms wouldn’t originate sense for video games that had been designed for mobile. Now we were talking for a few years about doing a sequence of some form. Who knows what the long urge holds.

TA: What like you ever been enjoying lately outdoor Simogo’s get titles?

SF: Marvelous: Mōhitotsu no Takarajima, which I feel is a accurate hidden gem. I’ve moreover enjoyed the remake of Famicom Detective: The Girl Who Stands In the relief of, Quiet Hill 1 and a pair of and the Gameboy Color version of Deja Vu.

TA: How enact you bask in your espresso?

SF: Gloomy and medium solid. I old to drink at the least five cups a day. Now I finest drink one or customarily none, but I revel in that cup noteworthy extra than any of the five I had in my old life.

I’d are making an strive to thank Simon Flesser, Simogo, and Karolina Kecki from fortyseven communications for their time and back here.

That it’s possible you’ll shield with all our interviews here including our contemporary ones with Amanita Construct here, Akitoshi Kawazu, Kenji Ito, and Tomokazu Shibata here, Dave Oshry of Contemporary Blood, Digital Extremes for Warframe mobile, Crew NINJA, Sonic Dream Crew, Hi-Fi Toddle, Pentiment, and extra. As out of the ordinary, thanks for studying.

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