She Makes US In wretched health! ‘Dried Husk of a Lady’ DRAGGED for Doxxing Harrison Butker’s MOTHER (No, Really!)

She Makes US In wretched health! ‘Dried Husk of a Lady’ DRAGGED for Doxxing Harrison Butker’s MOTHER (No, Really!)

This woman makes us sick. We are very sorry for her mother, who we won’t doxx because we’re no longer unhinged, inferior, vile of us fancy Dr. Jocelyn J. Fitzgerald. You see, or no longer it’s pretty alright for of us to grasp their very in finding opinions and deliver them, even after we disagree. In actuality, or no longer it’s miles so okay that we would maybe no longer assault a persons family or put them at likelihood by doxxing them.

Love Jocelyn.

She sucks.

So does Kansas City, however that’s one other narrative.

Case in level:

This man makes me sick. I am very sorry for his mother, who is a scientific scientific physicist. She works in the department of radiation oncology at Emory College College of Medications the place she treats cancer patients.

— Jocelyn J. Fitzgerald MD (@jjfitzgeraldMD) Might well well also honest 15, 2024

Take into narrative, Butker ‘makes her sick’ for defending the unborn and cherishing lifestyles.

And she’s a health care provider.

Can we are announcing she sucks again? That looks sorta mean, appropriate? Oops, our unpleasant. Happily, a total lot of other of us had been more than cosy to step up and roam her for being monstrous:

You resent his views so powerful that you target his mother. You do no longer grasp any rebuttal to his knowing, only a no longer-so-delicate strive to danger her. Apply your in finding bio: opinions are HIS OWN and perform no longer replicate his mother.

— Schadenfreudelish (@aggierican) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Correct level. Jocelyn’s bio says her opinions are her in finding and no longer her employer’s.

Nonetheless she’s willing to doxx Butker’s mother.

Alrighty then.

Difference would be traditional; deciding to name out a grown man’s MOTHER since you don’t fancy words the man mentioned?!

You originate me sick

— Tom Buckley (@BullheadRanch) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Doxxing fancy here’s directly against Terms of Service.

Just isn’t always that appropriate @X?

— Andrew Follett (@AndrewCFollett) Might well well also honest 16, 2024


It be a moderately big no-no and truthfully if truth be told slow, significantly if a persons in finding recordsdata is terribly easy to secure. Correct sayin’.

I mediate I could maybe well furthermore post an image of your front door, only for grins. After which maybe one amongst your parents’ front door. How are Richard and Mary doing, by the methodology?

— Attas (@TxRecon1) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Survey what we mean?

Which piece made you sick? His reward of motherhood? Or his fancy for God? Or maybe it was his encouragement of marriage and family?

Or maybe you’re only a dried husk of a lady who doesn’t fancy being reminded of her regrettable choices.

— GayLumberjack (@gay_lumberjack) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Wow. You are a spoiled particular person.

— Matthew Marsden (@matthewdmarsden) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Calling her spoiled is an insult to spoiled of us.

Might well well also honest silent we attain out to your employer and expose them unhinged that you would be in a position to well well maybe furthermore very effectively be? Per chance your patients must know. Furthermore, prescribe your self some Xanax. Lordie.

— Julie Gunlock (@JGunlock) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Nonetheless however however she says her opinions are her in finding! Even supposing, whereas you take into narrative it, her actions are what we’re talking about here, no longer her opinions. One has to wonder if an employer would approve of their worker doxxing a persons MOM.


You doxxed his mother with some evident sick intent.

“Discontinue no wound” indeed.

— Thirteen O’Clock – Todd (@o_thirteen) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

It be barely inferior.

Why perform you abominate take care of-at-dwelling mothers?

— Max (@MaxNordau) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Before you inch private since you cannot take care of of us calling you out on being a unpleasant particular person, I honest desired to assert howdy. You can well furthermore very effectively be a unpleasant particular person.

— Latentem (@Latentem) Might well well also honest 16, 2024

Identical. We’re honest announcing ‘howdy’ as effectively.



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