Robotic Food turns up the tang with Sarson’s vinegar ticket identity and campaign

Robotic Food turns up the tang with Sarson’s vinegar ticket identity and campaign

Robotic Food has partnered with Sarson’s on a new omnichannel promoting campaign, ticket world toolkit and packaging receive coinciding with the vinegar ticket’s first allotment of new product construction in 230 years.

After one of the major studio’s lengthy-term customers moved on to managing Sarson’s ticket, Robotic Food turn out to be once caused board to reinvigorate the grand-cherished heritage ticket and prepare it for the lengthy speed. Sarson’s new product, Dip & Drizzle, is a versatile sticky vinegar sauce that would possibly perchance perchance simply also be added to a unfold of dishes, made for a new generation of patrons.

Attracting a new viewers meant appealing user expectations by scheme of a new, extra thrilling ticket while clearly talking how and why to expend its new product. Then every other time, Robotic Food founder and executive ingenious director Simon Forster notes how the brand new generation of patrons is “extra nostalgic than ever”.

In clarify to prevail in them, the studio sought to mix “novel foodiness” with Sarson’s heritage by maintaining some of its recognisable resources to create an emotional connection by scheme of familiarity. This turn out to be once “a balancing act”, in accordance to Forster, as “turning in the an analogous historical same would no longer decrease by scheme of”, and the logo wished an identity that felt “novel, courageous and thrilling”.

Forster says, “Sarson’s is up in opposition to some mountainous names in the retail method, positioned on-shelf between hot sauces and table sauces, so we wanted to be jog the identity would in truth pop in-store and be irresistible to customers.”

To invent that, Robotic Food employed a new suite of distinctive ticket resources and obvious taste descriptors that will develop the product seem too appropriate to no longer aquire.

One strategy the studio feeble turn out to be once tapping into standard food tendencies. Review revealed that patrons are cutting back drinking-out spending in favour of recreating a restaurant skills at residence. Forster believes that “top fee condiments and dressings play a mountainous allotment in making these residence-cooked meals phenomenal.”

Robotic Food also found that three-quarters of patrons prefer versatile condiments, creating but every other for Sarson’s to showcase Dip & Drizzle “no longer handiest as a hybrid of vinegar and sauce nevertheless in the a immense number of more than just a few ways it goes to simply also be feeble to transform food,” says Forster.

He explains how the visible codes associated with nourishment luxuriate in modified, and “shining, courageous colours usually are no longer any longer synonymous with man made”, that methodology that the studio would possibly perchance experiment with extra radical colourways and fonts that replicate nostalgia, escapism and pleasure.

Sarson’s new ‘Turn up the Tang’ ticket phrase turn out to be once inspired by customer experiences of their products, which in total feeble the observe ‘tang’ to characterize the flavours. Forster says, “We also chanced on that tang has multiple definitions and is in total paired with phrases admire ‘sweet’, ‘prosperous’, ‘grand’, ‘thoughts-blowing’, and ‘lip-puckering’.

“It shouldn’t be in any admire times something to in truth feel passive about; it be an thrilling, sensory skills.”

All the pieces from the colors and font animations to the pictures turn out to be once designed to be amplified and keep up a correspondence Sarson’s tangy USP. Alongside with brilliant, punchy colours, Sarson’s now has excessive-distinction food pictures on-pack that showcase the textures and taste cues of the totally different dishes, dialling up its shelf allure.

Robotic Food took a straightforward methodology to typography and did no longer are searching out for to overcomplicate the identity with pointless extra fonts. The contemporary core of Sarson’s ticket typography, Veneer Tender, now has extra impact on one of the major most practical ways it interacts with other resources in the identity, admire food pictures.

“As the campaign spanned grand extra than appropriate printed touchpoints, along side digital promoting, online page online banners and social media content, we had the choice to transcend appropriate one of the major most practical ways it appears to be and focal level on how the complete lot acts too,” says Forster.

Robotic Food created a recordsdata for Sarson’s, detailing how every asset would possibly perchance luxuriate in to silent transfer and work together, from style atmosphere and stream to the facial expressions of the models after experiencing the tang.

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