Nigerian Pastor Advises Men To Not Give Up On Marriage Irrespective Of Their Monetary Space, Sharing Photos From His Wedding (IMAGES)

Nigerian Pastor Advises Men To Not Give Up On Marriage Irrespective Of Their Monetary Space, Sharing Photos From His Wedding (IMAGES)

A Nigerian pastor has impressed younger men to pursue esteem and marriage irrespective of their most modern monetary effort as “God will create a technique”

The pastor, Sam Odeg shared pictures of him and his wife when they had been at their lowest and where they had been now in existence. He encourages younger men to pursue whom they esteem, stating that one diagram or the opposite issues would determine.

While celebrating their wedding anniversary, he shared his story and also pictures of his companion each earlier than and after their wedding.

Narrating his story, he wrote;

“These pictures had been taken on Friday, 16th September, 2022 in my one room as a bachelor. That obtain 22 situation she sat used to be my bed too.

And all that you look there had been the most easy properties I had. Thank YOU LORD JESUS CHRIST

She used to be making our wedding lists there. We saved cancelling out issues that had excessive prices and changing them with more inexpensive ones.

We had planned to accumulate married on Tenth December 2022 that identical 365 days. But it for sure didn’t determine thanks to financial constraints. So we postponed it.

We refixed the date to be on Monday Tenth April, 2023 the following 365 days. It composed didn’t determine thanks to funds but but again. We shifted it but but again.

In a roundabout intention, by faith, with a total bunch doubts and fears oh, we fastened it to be on Monday Tenth July 2023. And GOD did it for us.

We already determined that whichever 365 days and month our wedding would withhold, it might perhaps possibly truly possibly well well be on the Tenth of any month we would settle. GOD did it for us.

Dazzling esteem the day past, we’ll likely be ONE YEAR the following day!

So a long way hath the LORD introduced us! Kai!


Now we obtain vows in no intention to share in Your GLORY. NEVER LORD! NEVER! 

I don’t know who here’s for, if you happen to’re planning your wedding and the money isn’t ample but, please save off it. Don’t be ashamed to shift it to a later time. No doubt one day, this might perhaps possibly well well happen and also you’ll return all glory to GOD ALMIGHTY

Don’t let somebody pressurize you. Dazzling belief GOD. Sooner than you realize it, you’ll be celebrating your 10 years in marriage in apt neatly being, esteem, pleasure and prosperity. Yes! 

Saints, please be a part of us and elevate up your palms let’s give GOD quality thanks for the gargantuan issues He has done and for the bigger issues He’ll carry out. FATHER thank YOU!”

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