NASA CubeSat Launches as Rideshare on ESA’s First Ariane 6 Rocket 

NASA CubeSat Launches as Rideshare on ESA’s First Ariane 6 Rocket 

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Laura Aguiar

Jul 10, 2024

NASA launched CURIE (CubeSat Radio Interferometry Experiment) as a rideshare payload on the inaugural flight of ESA’s (European Build apart Agency) Ariane 6 rocket, which launched at 4 p.m. GFT on July 9 from Europe’s Spaceport, the Guiana Build apart Middle in Kourou, in French Guiana.

Designed by a group from the College of California, Berkeley, CURIE will exhaust radio interferometry to see the vital drivers of position weather. 

CubeSats are built the exhaust of standardized devices, with one unit, or 1U, measuring about 10 centimeters in dimension, width, and top. The 2-satellite CURIE mission launched as a 6U sooner than isolating into two separate spacecraft, every a 3U. The spacecraft will provide two separate vantage capabilities to measure the the same radio waves coming from the Solar and varied sources within the sky. 

NASA’s CubeSat Launch Initiative selected CURIE in 2020 at some stage within the initiative’s 11th round of purposes. NASA’s Launch Providers and products Program, in collaboration with ESA, designated CURIE as one of 11 payloads equipped by position companies, industrial firms, and universities for the vital flight of ESA’s Ariane 6 rocket. 

Remark Credit:  ESA/M. Pédoussaut

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