Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II ‒ Episode 21

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation II ‒ Episode 21


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This episode is totally in regards to the reunion of Rudeus and Roxy. On the skin, it looks to be an attractive itsy-bitsy admire yarn. They are two pals reunited—with Roxy starting to plunge for the beautiful young man Rudeus has become. For certain, in conventional Musoku Tensei trend, it be a ways extra advanced than this.

To beginning, the pair are going thru the the same customary peril: they idolize every varied to the level that they have now not certainly explore every varied. For years, every has built up an image of the varied that neither can hope to dwell as a lot as. Take into accout, Rudeus is a man who literally prays for Roxy’s panties. She is his guiding superstar. So devastating is the premise that the person on the middle of his world would now not even care ample to snatch into yarn him makes him throw up on the home. (Luckily, he’s in a living to comprehend that even if Roxy appears to be like the the same as sooner than, he would now not—and he’s even in a living to function the glaring self-reflection that he did the the same customary ingredient to Sylphy after they had been reunited).

As for Roxy, her time with Rudeus each knocked her down a peg and gave her the pressure she wished to attain lifestyles. Studying that she wasn’t as special as she thought she became as soon as allowed her the disclose of thoughts wished to cross out and be taught extra—reaching heights professionally that she might possibly possibly honest now not gain reached otherwise. She might possibly possibly honest now not explore him as a deity made flesh however she completely holds him in high regard.

The peril they’re at the moment having is that, whereas Roxy’s feelings are changing, Rudeus’ are static. She is able to explore him as each the boy whose pure skill modified the course of her lifestyles and the speeding young man who came to her rescue. The truth that he treats her as an grownup no topic her dimension most attention-grabbing makes her extra attracted to him. He, alternatively, continues to love her extra than anything.

That acknowledged, this episode leaves me questioning if Rudeus is as oblivious to Roxy’s growing feelings because it looks. On one hand, the premise that his goddess will most in all probability be attracted to him as a man will likely be previous anything he’d ever dare hope for. But on the varied, over the times they’ve spent together—internal and out of doorways of the dungeon—he has never as soon as spoken aloud about Sylphy or their rapidly-to-be-born child. It feels admire an element of him is taking part within the eye—an element that knows mentioning that he’s married will quit it. In the quit, he’s lawful surroundings Roxy up for emotional heartbreak by now not cluing her to the truth of the scenario for the sake of his ego.

Luckily, thanks to the home stepping into the capacity, he’s in a living to position off any awkward conversations for somewhat longer. And possibly we are going to lastly be taught the capacity precisely Rudeus’ mother has been in a living to continue to exist in this dungeon for years when the party steps thru the mysterious teleporter sooner than them.


Random Thoughts:

• Whenever you occur to suspect about it, the comfort of the party are kinda assholes too by now not telling Roxy about Rudeus’ marital internet site.

• I wonder how Zenith and Lilia would react to being when in contrast with the swords that Paul uses.

• Rudeus would now not treat Roxy admire a baby simply because he became as soon as (and nonetheless kinda is) an grownup in a baby’s body. He can totally empathize with her.

• I wonder what it is a ways set Nanahoshi that turns Rudeus off so grand that he can’t even trust her as a romantic accomplice? Maybe it be the straightforward fact that he knows she’d never be ecstatic with him in this world.

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