MOTHER of All Strikes: Iggy Azalea’s Telecom Relaunch Goes Crypto

MOTHER of All Strikes: Iggy Azalea’s Telecom Relaunch Goes Crypto

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Iggy Azalea, the liked Australian rapper who caught consideration with the MOTHER token, has presented the relaunch of a telecommunication company. The agency will now accept payments in MOTHER, alongside Solana [Sol]. Along with that, Azalea additionally teased an upcoming ad advertising and marketing and marketing campaign and rollout later in the week. This switch marks a serious step in integrating cryptocurrencies into mainstream user services.

“The following day I’m in the end relaunching the telecommunication company I co-founded and also it is doable so that you can to aquire telephones, or month-to-month cell plans the utilization of $MOTHER or Sol 🥳.”

The rapper’s recent crypto venture is amongst the rising list of celebrities-backed tokens. Alternatively, this has near below intense scrutiny after the controversies surrounding Catelyn Jenner’s JENNER coin and wrestler Hulk Hogan’s linked HULK meme coins. Each and each Azalea’s token and HULK were supposed to be a pump and a dump-scheme with many regarded their on-line feuding as faux.

Launched on the Solana platform, MOTHER hit a market cap of $200 million, with a 90% impress surge in precisely 24 hours. Despite criticisms of star cryptocurrencies and their lack of inherent payment, Azalea has persisted selling MOTHER to her 8 million followers, contributing to its success.

MOTHER: Ethereum Criticizes Superstar-Backed Tokens

Crypto’s vocal entrepreneurs like Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and others delight in criticized the vogue of star tokens, announcing: “I’m feeling fairly sad about with “this cycle’s star experimentation” to this point. “Financialization as a potential toward an stop”, I will respect if the stop is mighty (healthcare, open source tool, art work, and loads others). Financialization *as the final product*. From my observations, a range of these recent celeb coins were scams. Either bolt in piece by the star or they were getting scammed too alongside with their fan unhappy.


Following Buterin’s critique of the star meme coin craze, Azalea defended the switch and wondered the hypocrisy of “smartly off of us” no longer doing one thing about costly gas charges-citing Ethereum’s notorious high transaction costs. “it’s so smartly off of you to thrill in an notion on charities and hospitals, whatever, however let’s discuss referring to the gas charges…the gas tax,” she added.

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