Global rapeseed manufacturing situation to fall immediate of quiz, warns UFOP

Global rapeseed manufacturing situation to fall immediate of quiz, warns UFOP

The group is calling for additional planting​ of the oilseed in 2025.

In line with Global Grain Council (IGC) forecasts, the 2024/25 wold rapeseed output is projected to be 87.2 million loads, a 2% drop from final 300 and sixty five days attributable to reduced manufacturing areas and lower yields.

Australia, a first-rate producer, is expected to scrutinize a persisted decline, with its harvest estimated at 5.4 million loads—700,000 loads under earlier predictions and a 4.5% lower from the old 300 and sixty five days.

Ukraine is also facing challenges, with anticipated manufacturing at 4.9 million loads, down by 500,000 loads from earlier forecasts attributable to fluctuating weather instances.

Western Europe, significantly France, Germany, and the UK, has suffered from detrimental weather, in conjunction with crude rains and pests, resulting in a 5.1% decline in EU rapeseed manufacturing, now expected to be 18.7 million loads.

UFOP anticipates rising rapeseed prices and advises farmers to regulate their planting plans for 2025 to align with cut rotation wants.

The rising quiz from the biofuels sector, driven by the phasing out of palm oil-based biofuels in Germany, France, and Sweden, is expected to persuade rapeseed acreage and cut rotation options.

rapeseed chart 2

Chart credit: UPOF  

Feed protein gap in Germany 

Within the meantime in response to the preliminary feed protein balance sheet ​from the Federal Recordsdata Centre for Agriculture (BZL) for Germany’s 2022/23 fiscal 300 and sixty five days, UFOP urges European, federal, and remark policymakers to accentuate give a take to for European cultivated oilseeds and protein vegetation.  

The protein gap in Germany is basically attributable to an absence of concentrated protein feedstuffs and can additionally be effectively reduced by bigger domestic harvests of rapeseed and grain legumes, it confused out.

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