Fujifilm’s new X-T50 has a film simulation dial — and a questionable mark

Fujifilm’s new X-T50 has a film simulation dial — and a questionable mark

Fujifilm has appropriate supplied a pair of contemporary cameras on the company’s X Summit Sydney tournament. There’s the medium layout GFX100S II, which frankly falls outdoor my scope of ardour (and value range). The more mainstream of the two is the X-T50, which is a followup to — but no longer another choice to — the X-T30 II, which is sharp to live in Fujifilm’s lineup transferring forward.

The X-T50 is a hodgepodge of the camera maker’s new and musty tech. Let’s begin with the brand new. The body has a recent, more rounded form that’s unlike something else in the X-Sequence lineup, and there’s a film simulation dial apt on the head, a first for any Fujifilm camera. You earn several preset film sims to circle between and may well perchance resolve your dangle for the three customizable slots — though you can’t position these to custom film recipes. Calm, the dial goes to demonstrate what a really mighty fragment of Fujifilm’s appeal that these simulations gain turn out to be over time.

A high-down image of the film simulation dial on Fujifilm’s X-T50 camera.

The X-T50 has a dial for switching between the company’s signature film simulations.

Image: Fujifilm

The X-T50 involves the same 40-megapixel sensor as the X-T5 and X-H2, plus the accompanying fifth-gen processor, so this camera gives a substantial assemble bigger in both resolution and autofocus performance when put next with the X-T30 II. And it furthermore beneficial properties a 7-quit in-body image stabilization intention; the a ways more cost effective X-T30 II lacks IBIS altogether. Continuous capturing is specific to 8fps with the mechanical shutter, whereas the X-T5 and X-H2 can both hit 15fps. For storage, there’s a single UHS-II SD card slot. Video performance has furthermore been dialed up significantly:

A chart comparing the video capabilities of Fujifilm’s X-T30 and X-T30 II.

The X-T50 is a powerful more capable video camera than the X-T30 II.

Image: Fujifilm

Nonetheless there are mild some older hardware parts to this camera. For one, you’re stuck with the final-abilities battery that isn’t with regards to as lengthy-lasting. And disappointingly, the digital viewfinder is furthermore unchanged from the X-T30 II. You produce as a minimal earn the same 3-glide, 1.84-million dot rear LCD with two-procedure tilt as on the X-T5.

The X-T50 slots into a outlandish direct in phrases of pricing. Must you’re procuring the body on my own, it’s $1,399.Ninety 9, which is $500 more than the X-T30 II. Nonetheless again, Fujifilm doesn’t take into account of this another choice to that camera. It will get its dangle irregular plot in the lineup, which now looks esteem this:

  • X-H2S: $2,499
  • X-H2: $1,999
  • X-T5: $1,699
  • X-100V (mounted lens): $1,599
  • X-T50: $1,399
  • X-S20: $1,299
  • X-T30 II: $899

A marketing and marketing image of Fujifilm’s X-T50 camera.

The X-T50 uses Fujifilm’s final-gen battery with a ways much less stamina than the newer create.

Image: Fujifilm

Some of the critical upgrades that reach with stepping as a lot as the X-T5 consist of water resistance, a nicer EVF, dual SD slots, better continuous capturing performance, and the newer battery with superior patience.

Fujifilm’s equipment lens is furthermore getting a critical revamp. The corporate’s well-regarded 18-55mm glass is being replaced by a brand new, lighter 16-50mm f/2.8 – 4.8 lens that now facets water resistance. (The X-T50 itself doesn’t gain any official water resistance.) Fujifilm believes this lens does a bigger job resolving that 40MP sensor when put next with the aged 18-55mm. It’s furthermore a fixed length, so the total zooming now happens internally without the lens having to lengthen. Sold on its dangle, the brand new 16-50mm lens costs $699. The combined X-T50 equipment runs $1,799.Ninety 9, so that you simply’re easiest paying $400 for the lens in that scenario.

The X-T50 shall be on hand initiating in June in sad, darkish grey, or silver. Preorders delivery at the moment, and the company is absolute self belief hoping that as a minimal some folks will earn drained of searching forward to the backordered-in every single plot X100VI and decide for its most contemporary interchangeable lens camera in its set.

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