Breaking Baz: ‘The Lecturers’ Lounge’ Filmmaker Ilker Çatak Wraps His Subsequent Movie ‘Yellow Letters’, Shot Below A Hide Of Secrecy

Breaking Baz: ‘The Lecturers’ Lounge’ Filmmaker Ilker Çatak Wraps His Subsequent Movie ‘Yellow Letters’, Shot Below A Hide Of Secrecy

EXCLUSIVE: Ilker Çatak, whose The Lecturers’ Lounge used to be nominated for an Oscar as Germany’s Global Characteristic Film submission, executed shooting his original film Yellow Letters in Hamburg on Wednesday night, the production’s producer Ingo Fliess has revealed to Time restrict.

Yellow Letters used to be filmed below strict security precautions thanks to what Fliess incessantly known as the film’s cultural and political “sensitive nature,” at the side of that “I are seeking to present protection to my actors and crew, and  I are seeking to present protection to our working peril.”

But now with the film being shot and all and sundry leaving metropolis at present [Thursday], “I deem we are capable of appropriate delivery the doorways a chunk wider,” Fliess acknowledged all over a fracture from the Hamburg studio situation. The film also shot in locations within the encircling home, and temporarily in Berlin. 

Filming began in Berlin within the final week of Would maybe perchance. Fleiss acknowledged that Yellow Letters is about “a wedding below stress.” Turkish stars Özgü Namal (Kizil Goncalar, Merhamet, Hanimin Çiftligi) and Tansu Bicer (Heart of the night on the Pera Palace, The Pit, The Membership) play the couple, Derya and Aziz, a famed actress and a professor of dramatic arts on the university in Ankara.

Newcomer Leyla Cabas of Istanbul, who used to be realized following a huge search in Turkey and Germany, makes her aim debut as Ezgi, their 13-year-previous daughter.

Because of what Fleiss termed “allege arbitrariness,” the couple lose their jobs, and since they’re unable to pay hire, they shuttle to the professor’s fogeys in Istanbul.

“They desire to redefine their diagram of existence and explore the erosion of their internal most lives in that project,” Fliess defined.

The trade in conditions is spicy plain for their child too.

Yellow Letters, written by Çatak, Ayda Meryem Çatak and Enis Köstepen, has been shot in an abstract vogue. Though the film is determined in Turkey it has been deliberately shot in two German cities representing Turkey.

“We shot the film in Berlin being Ankara and Hamburg being Istanbul. So we despatched the total film, the total situation to exile,” Fliess defined. “That’s how we set it. And that made it, in our conception, extra abstract and made it extra a universal account about address the peril where you are below stress and desire to redefine your values and your morals.”

And the couple, Fliess famed, “reacts in a really different formula to this, every of them. So the woman is extra pragmatic than the man, who is being extra idealistic.”

These dynamics add “flavor,” acknowledged Fliess, whose Munich-based completely If…Productions Film GmbH is producing with Haut et Court docket (Paris) and Liman Film (Istanbul) along with arte/ZDF.

Carole Scotta, Köstepen and Nadir Öperli are co-producers.

There are some 70 speaking roles within the film. “It’s a huge solid because that little family is touring by society and by different cultural and political and society milieus,” Fliess acknowledged. “And so now we maintain folks from the theatre, now we maintain folks from the allege theatre, now we maintain folks from the university, now we maintain folks on the magistrates court docket where they are set within the dock. We have got folks from the taxi utilizing union where he has to safe work.

“We have got a huge solid with many varied aspects of society, which I deem makes the film very neatly off.”

It’s a film “neatly off intensive” about those that desire to study “ reside your existence if you’re bankrupt most incessantly. So in case it’s doubtless you’ll don’t maintain any money, how beget you protect your values, your appropriate philosophy and idealistic stare on the sector,” he argued.

Key creatives from The Lecturers’ Lounge returned for Yellow Letters. They encompass director of pictures Judith Kaufmann, production designer Zazie Knepper, costume designer Christian Rõhrs and composer Marvin Miller.

(L-R) İpek Bilgin, Enis Köstepen, Leyla Cabas, İlker Çatak, Özgü Namal, Judith Kaufmann, Tansu Biçer and Ingo Fliess

If… Productions Film GmbH / Ella Knorz

Fliess acknowledged he’s “extremely happy” to maintain Brussels-based completely gross sales firm Be For Motion photos going by Yellow Letters after working with them on The Lecturers’ Lounge.

The producer anticipated put up-production to be executed by boring December “and then we can explore what comes subsequent.”

The distributor Alamode will release Yellow Letters in 2025. The movie’s also supported by BKM (kulturelle Filmförderung des Bundes), MOIN (Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein), FFF Bayern and Medienboard (Berlin-Brandenburg).

There’s a heck of a variety of passion in this movie.

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